HAUNTED SHORES (PERIPHERY’S Mark Holcomb & Misha Mansoor) Debut Full-Length Album “VOID” – Available Now Via 3DOT Recordings

Void album cover; art by Paoli Girardi

March 11, 2022 – Haunted Shores, the duo of Periphery’s Mark Holcomb and Misha Mansoor, has released their debut full-length, Void (https://lnk.to/hs-void), today via 3DOT Recordings.

“Misha and I have wanted to do another Haunted Shores album for quite some time, and we finally made the time necessary to focus on these songs,” explains Holcomb. “I have always loved writing Haunted Shores songs, but this one in particular feels special – a little crazier, a little more unhinged, and in my opinion, a step above what we’ve done in the past.”

Photo credit: Ektarina Gorbacheva

The pair have done a series of playthroughs to accompany the release: “OnlyFangs” featuring both Misha and Mark, “Hellfire” with Mark, “Nocturnal Hours” with Misha, and a sax playthrough from Jørgen Munkeby (Shining) for “Nocturnal Hours” can also be viewed here.

Void CDs and merch bundles are available now via the 3DOT webstore. Void was co-produced by Holcomb and Mansoor, with Mansoor also tackling mixing duties. The album cover features a Paoli Girardi painting.


Source: Speakeasy Public Relations & Marketing

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