WHO CARES? Volume 2

I really don’t care about the happenings below. Honestly, I don’t give a rats ass about it at all.

1. Coronation of Charles III and Camilla on May 6th. My God, UK, it’s 2023. Move on.

2. Electric vehicle revolution.

3. Cable news anchors getting fired.

4. Billy Joel and Stevie Nicks touring together.

5. TikTok

Thanks for visiting and reading this. That I DO care about! – Stone

4 Responses to “WHO CARES? Volume 2”

  1. I live in the UK and I don’t give two stuffs about the coronation either.

  2. I’m with you on all of that…although if someone gave me a ticket to see Stevie & Billy, I’d go.

    • Yup. I’d take a free ticket myself. I don’t care cuz of the ticket prices they’re charging to see them right now. It’s bizarre. I saw both of them solo back in the early 90s and for both shows I believe it cost me under $50. Unreal.

      Boz Scaggs opened for Stevie too. That was a bonus.

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