Fight was one incredible Metal band!!

8613039Rob Halford, the “Metal God” of the Metal music world, formed an incredible band in the Summer of 1992 named Fight. Sure, Rob Halford will forever be known as the super famous and powerful lead vocalist for Judas Priest, yet the Metal music that he created with Fight is superior stuff for me. I so very highly recommend Fight to all Metal fans, especially fans of Judas Priest, Pantera and Thrash Metal. I purchased the Fight CD/DVD – “War of Words – The Film”, (released Summer of 2008), whoa was this one powerhouse band. “Into The Pit” is a straight to your face – all out – Thrash Metal tune that does not let up or give in. “Immortal Sin” is more of a Heavy Metal/Metal track that carries along with dark lyrics and vocals courtesy of Rob Halford. “Kill It” is a very aggressive track, again I am amazed at how ahead of their time Fight really was musically. Overall, the songs on “War of Words” are very relevant to what is being created today by the Thrash Metal and Metal community. Rob Halford was joined with Scott Travis on drums in Fight, (Scott Travis being a long time & current drummer for Judas Priest).

The DVD is super loaded, with a documentary of Fight, plenty of comments and anecdotes to be found. A 13 song live concert comes off with all of the necessary Metal goods, both musically and with quality. There are 3 promotional videos as well, “Nailed To The Gun”, “Little Crazy” and “Immortal Sin” are worth their weight in Metal gold. The copy of “War of Words – The Film” that I purchased was a limited edition, numbered out of 5,000 copies for it included an authentic autographed Fight photo! The autograph is of Rob Halford! Not too shabby to have this bonus autograph included. In all Metal seriousness, this is a band and release that is so Metal worthy of listening to and watching. To me, Fight is one of those rare Metal bands that exhibited enormous excitement, great music and lasted way too short for my liking. Rob Halford to me, definitely succeeded musically while he was away from Judas Priest in the early 90’s.

Fight was: Rob Halford on lead vocals, Scott Travis on drums, Russ Parrish on guitar, Brian Tilse on guitar & keyboards and Jay Jay on bass guitar.

2 Responses to “Fight was one incredible Metal band!!”

  1. Hell yeah! I still play my fight cd’s! I had no idea they had a DVD, pretty damn cool!

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