Seether – acoustic or heavy, this band is a gem!

7873731When I first purchased Seether “One Cold Night”, I knew I was going to hear a live, acoustic concert. What I did not expect, was how incredible the songs from Seether’s past albums would sound acoustically. As the subtitle of this CD states – “An Intimate Acoustic Performance”, “Feb 22 2006” – the entire musical atmosphere does definitely come across as mellow and intimate. That is what playing acoustically does, the once Heavy Metal or Hard Rock songs become more personal to the listener/audience with even deeper meaning, in my Metal opinion. Shaun Morgan to me, is brilliant as a vocalist and guitarist. He can sing the acoustic versions of his songs, making me believe that this could very well be the only versions. When I listen to the acoustic versions of “Gasoline”, “Diseased” and “Immortality”, It makes me listen more to the lyrics and song structure.

The copy of this CD I purchased came as a duel CD/DVD. The DVD is the actual Seether acoustic concert from February 22, 2006. The DVD also includes the music video for the song – “The Gift”. It is a cool concert no matter how you slice it, from the sound quality to the camera angles. A bonus feature at the end of the concert DVD has Seether sitting on stage being interviewed after the show, ( some local Philadelphia dj does the interview and conducts it well). Shaun Morgan answers every question without an ounce of attitude – his demeanor and the way he carries himself during this interview dictates what a class act he really is. The Seether lineup for this concert CD: Shaun Morgan on lead vocals & guitar, Pat Callahan on guitar, Dale Stewart on bass and John Humphrey on drums. I cannot force anyone to like the music that I do, I can only recommend and say take a listen. However, with Seether “One Cold Night”, I really recommend to all fans of quality Rock, Hard Rock and Metal music.

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