MEGADETH “ENDGAME” – Thrash Metal Glory Arrives September 15, 2009

Dave Mustaine photo!Megadeth. Just the name alone sounds like true Metal. Thrash Metal. The name Megadeth alone, reaches out and stuns the uninformed as to the fact, that this band is seriously heavy about all things MetalOne of the kings of Thrash Metal. Dave Mustaine… a founding father of Thrash Metal and unreal good guitarist, a Metal legend. (Gee, did I leave out any other important accolades here?). Really, any Metal fan has to agree that Dave Mustaine has the Megadeth Metal machine running full tilt… for quite a long time too. I am Metal giddy that “Endgame” is coming out on September 15th… the month of September looks better already, for me. If you do not count today, (September 2nd), there are just 13 days left until the Megadeth Thrash Metal onslaught of new material becomes heard in it’s entirety. That is less than two weeks away. I am Metal psyched. I was fortunate enough to see back in the late 80’s, a Metal triple bill of Savatage, Megadeth and DIO. The New Haven Coliseum was never the same after that show… that structure no longer exists. What a night of Metal it was… Megadeth blew me away, Dave Mustaine earned a fan for life. Dave Mustaine… Thrash Metal Champion. Megadeth shall return… Endgame.

Megadeth "Endgame" large pic

2 Responses to “MEGADETH “ENDGAME” – Thrash Metal Glory Arrives September 15, 2009”

  1. I’m looking forward to this.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Very consistent has Dave Mustaine been… he has put out quite a few great albums and DVD’s the last few years… Gigantour too… Mustaine has shown it is not a burden to create new music, live albums and DVD’s for the fans… he has taken so many cool veteran and new bands under his Gigantour wings the last few years… unlike Metallica. Everyone is supposed to feel so “grateful” for their “one” new album they put out in years. I like Death Magnetic a great deal, however, Dave Mustaine and his Megadeth machine has proven that quantity can be quality… Dave Mustaine is having fun, that is what separates him from the mindset of Metallica. (Phew, I got that off my Metal chest, I really wonder if you agree, or to what level of agreement).

      In Metal – Stone

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