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WOW. Holy Metal crap, is the new Megadeth album – ENDGAME an incredible Thrash Metal experience. ENDGAME is on the very cool label RoadRunner Records. Thank you Dave Mustaine, for creating these songs and keeping Megadeth moving forward. I listened to ENDGAME in it’s entirety… it is currently streaming on Megadeth’s My Space Music, go to 

Go ahead, hear for yourself and be glad you did… Megadeth has made a lightning strike of a Metal statement with ENDGAME… I am buying this CD on Tuesday, September 15. My money will be well spent. My favorite songs, thus far, are: How The Story Ends, The Right To Go Insane and Head Crusher… these are the three songs that I had to listen to repeatedly. Unreal is ENDGAME. Holy Metal crap I am psyched for owning this CD on Tuesday.

Dave Mustaine on guitar & lead vocals, Chris Broderick on guitar, James Lomenzo on bass guitar and Shawn Drover on drums are:

Megadeth "Endgame" Header 2009


  1. I absolutely agree. For anyone else wanting to know what I think of the album, Here’s my review with a few samples of some solo’s, riffs, etc.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      I checked out your Endgame review… cool and right on the Metal money. Fun blog you have going on over there too.

  2. Love this album, and great to hear Dave kicking ass again.

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