Heavy Metal, Hard Rock And All Extreme Music Rules. Always Has, Always Will.

So let it be Metal written, so let it be Metal told.

Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Classic Rock and all Extreme Music Rules. There you have it. That’s how I feel and no one can change my Metal mind on this. When I reference “Extreme Music”… it is an all encompassing and generic term that I personally use. This includes Punk Rock, Death Metal, Black Metal, Gothic Metal, Grindcore, Hardcore and any and all sub genres of such Extreme Music. Metal be thy name.

* To all of the plastic mainstream “awards shows” that are televised throughout the year and continue to ignore the music and bands that are, (gulp), Heavy, (except for Revolver Magazine’s Golden Gods Awards), they can all kiss my Metal lovin’ ass.

* To the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame: (I think you all know this one is coming), you can kiss my Metal lovin’ ass.

* To all the phony millionaire/billionaire record executives throughout the decades that shunned Heavy Music so that zit-faced boy bands and lip syncing performers could get “pushed” up the charts and on radio… you can all really pucker up… and kiss my Metal lovin’ ass.

* To those “Four Cartels” of the music industry, that abolished Heavy Metal from FM airplay and MTV back in the early ’90’s… kiss my Metal lovin’ ass. You losers.

* To all the writers who give “lousy” reviews on a band’s album, (while not bothering to listen to the given album), due to a respective band having conservative views… you all can really kiss my Metal lovin’ ass. You know who you are too, you political phonies with dumb-ass agendas.

* To all the liars behind the misleading and bias “record charts”, just keep on fooling the public and kiss my Metal lovin’ ass while your at it.

* To all the members of the “Flavor Of The Month Club” when it comes to music: Hey! Kiss my Metal lovin’ ass! You bet you know who you are… now your embarrassed.

* To that old and cranky, dictatorial political group known as the PMRC, that wanted to “change the world” through their radical thoughts and abuse of power, many years ago… see below:

* To the idiots that decided to have “amended” versions of CD’s to sell, go ahead… kiss my Metal lovin’ ass. Censorship IS NOT COOL, especially when it comes to music. Um, wasn’t there something once known asFreedom Of Speech in America? Kiss my Metal lovin’ ass again, you pathetic censor morons.

* To any band or musician who openly supports a presidential or any political candidate and gets mixed up in the immoral and unethical world of politics, by having a benefit concert for “political fundraising”… I don’t want you to kiss my ass. Please, just keep Rock ‘N’ Roll out of electing any millionaire/billionaire politician. Here’s a Metal thought: instead of having a fund-raising concert for some slimy politician, try having a fund-raising concert for a children’s hospital or orphanage. Duh. Duh again.

* To all the Phd’s, text book scholars and lawyers who “think” Heavy Metal promotes and causes violent behavior and deplorable acts on society… you can all take a bow… and while your bending over… kiss my Metal lovin’ ass.

* To all those who are annoyed that I use the fabulous word “Metal” so much in this and other posts on Metal Odyssey… um, you don’t have to kiss my Metal lovin’ ass at all. I actually have pity for you, due to the symptom you have, which is called: Metal envy. It must suck to have it.

I’m in a Metal lovin’ mood of the highest degree today, obviously. Then again, I’m always in a Metal lovin’ mood, only today it just feels so damn good. To all the nay sayers and antagonists of Heavy Music throughout the decades… hey… kiss my Metal lovin’ ass. You know why? Hell, we Metalheads, Punks and Extreme Music fans WON. The bands and the Heavy Music we love never hid, dried up or ran away. Many Heavy and Extreme bands have come and gone… still countless of these bands are still touring and making music to this very second.

I consistently try to remind visitors to Metal Odyssey, that there are scores of pathetic and narrow minded groups of people in our society that want to “control” and censor the Heavy Music that has made my life and countless other lives better. Self righteous and mean spirited groups like the PMRC need to be brought up over and over again, so fans of Heavy Music know of their censorship agenda that they set into place more than two decades ago. You can try to bury something that stinks and pretend it never existed… only the “stench” still lingers.

One last thought. To all of the idiots and “deep thinkers” that years ago would tell me “someday you will mature and stop listening to Heavy Metal and all that other garbage your listening to”… KISS MY METAL LOVIN’ ASS.

Metal Be Thy Name.


20 Responses to “Heavy Metal, Hard Rock And All Extreme Music Rules. Always Has, Always Will.”

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  2. Damn, This post is legendary!! Right on about Rockers’ throwing fund raising concerts for a Socialist. “Bon Jovi” And if you must purchase a cd by one of these elistist do what I do…Buy a used one! By the way The Rock N’ Roll Hall of Sham will never see one dime of my hard earned cash!!!

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Bon Jovi. Don’t even get me started on this whole Rock and Roll Hall of Shame mess. Bon Jovi is “nominated” for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame… and KISS is not!!??

      IF IT WASN’T FOR KISS… THERE PROBABLY WOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN A “MARKET” FOR BON JOVI or Hard Rock like there eventually was and is.

      What has Bon Jovi “given to the world of Rock ‘N’ Roll that KISS hasn’t? Has there been an “excellence in music” that Bon Jovi has bestowed that KISS could never attain? Hell NO!! Can anyone honestly answer this question? If Bon Jovi is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, it would be mega-embarrassing without KISS being already inducted. It’s already incredibly embarrassing!

      It just goes to show you just how “politically motivated” this Rock and Roll Hall of Shame truly is. I back this statement up with this fact: Bon Jovi (nominated) and KISS (snubbed). It doesn’t take a Rhodes Scholar to figure this out.


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  4. Well said, now about the PMRC, I am glad I have been educated about them, censorship really is horrible, I think it makes the censored material more desired and doesn’t help their cause, have you ever listened to a song, lets say Kiss Me deadly by Lita Ford, rather than saying fucked, it is completely bleeped out, or the word bitch in Stranglehold by the Nuge, man, it makes the word more noticeable than without it censored. It makes one curious as to what it was and why it was cenored if they have never heard the song before, and second of all, suggestive themes and language in music has never caused me to change how I speak or act, it is just silly, so today everyone should play Warrant’s ode to tipper gore. \m/

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Right on! You know, past history should never be forgotten and the miserable actions of the PMRC from days long past should serve as a reminder, that America is NOT immune to dictatorship or censorship.

      The more educated the younger generations are about the ignorant PMRC and what they stood for, the better our future in America shall be.


      • I know, but sadly the government controls what we learn, but teachers could teach us, I really wish my school followed through with the debate class that in the works, we talked about things like that and abortion and other stuff. I mean, saying “I didn’t get fucked I didn’t get high” is a lot less noticeable than I didn’t get and I didn’t get high” seriously, and then there is single versions of songs like Jet Airliner by Steve Miller Band where at least you can’t tell instead of saying “funky shit goin’ down in the city” they say “funky kicks goin’ down in the city” at least the word is replaced rather than make it sound out of place. But I would rather it just stay as it is or else words wouldn’t be as controversial as they are. Oh well, I wonder what music politicians even listen to, even 60s stuff had it’s share of stuff. Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds is about drugs, I guess instrumentals can’t please politicans either with Frank Zappa’s Jazz From Hell. Did I mention I love history of Rock N Roll, last year I started reading up about all these different bands like van Halen, Led zeppelin, and others and doing that expended my taste out of curiosity and that is how I learn about these things.

        • metalodyssey Says:

          That’s why it’s important to research any and everything on your own. Free thinking is not a skill that someone else will teach you.

          It is very cool to read up on and listen to the bands that played a key role in Rock ‘N’ Roll History. Van Halen and Led Zep are two bands that are well worth your time reading up on. 😉

  5. I like Bon Jovi but for Bon Jovi to get into the Hall of Fame before Deep Purple, Judas Priest or KISS is a joke.

    As far politics go I lean more to far left then the far right, but if Bon Jovi chooses to support Obama and Ted Nugent chooses to support McCain, I personally don’t give a rat’s ass. To me it is about the music and I rescept any artist to express whatever it is they believe in, even if I disagree with them, as in Ted Nugent’s case, I am still a fan of the music.

    Heavy metal (or hard rock as a lot hipsters one to refer to older metal bands) has always into recently been treated like a red headed step child, which is fine with me, to quote Alice Cooper ‘You are my song but you aint in my crowd’. I am proud to be a metal fan, this music and genre as a sense of history about it, the fans are loyal, witness the long careers of bands that did not even make a commerical impact such as Raven and venom, yet 30 plus years on this guys have a loyal following.

    Also one thing we as metal fans do not get any credit for is not only how diverse our genre is musically but also the diverse taste of the fans.

    Metal rules and the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame can kiss my latin ass

  6. I can’t in my heart of hearts support a Group/Artist such as Bon Jovi that has Private Fund raising concerts that support Socialist Politicians that knowingly and willfully want to take more and more of our Individual and Country’s liberty away. Knowing what some of these mucians do with there money is their choice and I support that. But I will not conscienciously contribute to their enormous wealth by purchasing their music or attending their concerts no matter how good their music is might be.

  7. Fair enough Zipper, I am not here to turn this thread into a discussion on politics, well except to say that the politics of the rock n roll of hall sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Where is Deep Purple in this Hall?!?!?!?

    What a joke this so called HALL!!!!!

  8. Manny, I with you on the politics dialog. Just sometimes that Bon Jovi thing gets to me. Onto the Rock N Roll Hall of Sham! The Politics there disqust me also. I would bet almost anything those nimrods will probably induct Nina Blackwood, J.J. Jackson, Mark Goodman, Martha Quinn, and Alan Hunter Before Deep Purple or Kiss….Humm, I wonder if those original Mtv-VJ’s belong in the Hall of Sham? Just a thought!!

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Zipper… that is NOT a cozy thought at all. If any one of those early ’80’s VJ’s ever gets inducted into that Rock And Roll Hall of Fame, then I, Stone, deserves election into that place in 23 years as well.

      There is no need for tele-prompter reading, MTV celebrities in that hall. No way, no how. MTV did NOT make Rock ‘N’ Roll “better”… it only added another medium into which Rock ‘N’ Roll is heard. Music videos DID EXIST before MTV came along. (Hello… USA Network’s “Night Flight”).

      “Pioneering” creators, directors and visual/graphic artists of music videos deserve eligibility into the hall before any VJ.

  9. I never thought of the MTV DJ’s but I bet Martha Quinn and her fellow towel swatters will get into the Hall ( as non performance category they have) before Judas Priest and Deep Purple, as a matter they are eligible right now to be inducted.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      As I stated to Zipper… I belong inducted in a couple of more decades then!! You too Manny, should get inducted in 25 years if those “celebrity faces” of MTV ever are enshrined. If that hall was to ever go that far… then “loyal” life-long fans of Rock ‘N’ Roll should be inducted too.

      MTV never made Rock, Hard Rock or Heavy Metal “sound better”, nor did this network ever “invent” a heavy music genre. Sure, many Heavy Metal bands sold quantum more albums due to MTV showing their music videos, yet albums sold by the truck loads before any MTV network came along.

      Call me “Old School”… I just shiver at the thought of the hall ever going that far. Dick Clark and any other 1950’s/1960’s “pioneering” DJ,s and/or television hosts of Rock ‘N’ Roll are separate from these MTV VJ’s… the likes of Dick Clark and Wolfman Jack were “true” pioneers of making Rock ‘N’ Roll popular and part of our American culture. Rock ‘N’ Roll of any genre was NOT created by any MTV VJ.

      Wolfman Jack belongs in this hall too… well before any “VJ” is ever considered.

      Phew… I feel good getting that off my chest! I have a feeling you have my Metal back on this one too, Manny! 😉

  10. I definitely have your metal back on this one, how can anyone can compare those clowns to Dick Clark etc, thankfully no one has done that….YET!!!!

  11. Hey it’s just a thought. Why not? Wolfman Jack and Alan Freed are in for basically doing the same thing on radio. Some would say they too are pioneers of how millions of people heard new music. All types of music for that matter on one broadcasting channel. It is debatable isn’t it? My personal point of view is those genius’ don’t recongize Heavy Metal as a legitimate movement that shaped a whole generation. Instead they would rather give that credit as I quote Stone to their “Untalented teleprompter reading” media cronies…Maybe we should start an opinion poll on this. But as I stated earlier I bet they “the fabulous 5 VJ’s” will probably get inducted before many of our Heavy Metal Fore Fathers. By the way Bon Jovi is not a Heavy Metal band!

  12. Correction…..I mistakenly said Wolfman Jack as in the Hall of Sham!

    • metalodyssey Says:

      You are right… Bon Jovi is NOT a Heavy Metal Band. Funny, hasn’t Bon Jovi “tried” to go Country a couple of times too? (Odd). Bon Jovi did NOT introduce a sound or style of music that was not already being played by many, many other bands of the early 80’s. (Loverboy, Foreigner and Sammy Hagar to name a quick three).

      As for the late & legendary Wolfman Jack… I had to “double check” myself, making certain he was not in the Hall of Shame. Unfortunately, Wolfman Jack has never received his much deserved Rock ‘N’ Roll salute from any of the Rock “scholars” responsible for nomination. The same bubble gum scholars who think that building in Cleveland is the end all and be all of Rock Music history.

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