Donovan McNabb: Metal Odyssey Has Your Back!

Donovan McNabb – I’m getting pretty sick and tired lately of the trash talking that is directed at Donovan McNabb, quarterback for the Washington Redskins. Yes, I’m a devoted life-long fan of the New York Giants. Still, Donovan McNabb has and still is an opposing quarterback that I have feared and respected when he takes the field against the G-Men. Donovan McNabb’s lifetime statistics should tell anyone, he can… play.

As for Superbowl Championships… how many has Andy Reid, (coach of the Philadelphia Eagles), won? How about former Eagles wide receivers Terrell Owens or Freddie Mitchell? The answer is… “ZERO”. Um, that’s once again… ZERO. So, before all of these NON Superbowl winners make their comments directed at Donovan McNabb… they should all take a long look at their very own NON Superbowl winning careers themselves.

As for current Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan, he does have two Superbowl rings from his days with the Denver Broncos. However, he was also surrounded by a formidable group of NFL players during his tenure with the Broncos… and John Elway and Terrell Davis were players that don’t come around that often on draft day.

I never measured an NFL athlete by how many Superbowl rings they have won and earned. Dan Marino and Fran Tarkenton are two perfect examples as to why I can’t consider a Superbowl Championship the mark of an “ultimate” NFL player. Trent Dilfer won a Superbowl, (XXXV), as quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens… and he is NO Dan Marino. Even though my beloved New York Giants have won”3″ Superbowls… I never take for granted a champion, nor do I look down upon a Giants team that hasn’t won either.

So, Donovan, just look at the Philadelphia Eagles this season. It’s the same old status quo there. Win a game, lose a game, while coach Andy Reid never accepts responsibility or blame for a loss or NON Superbowl winning franchise. Donovan, your very fortunate to be out of that Eagles “environment”, regardless if it is with the Redskins. Just know that this is one NFL fan who actually sees and calls it… “the way it is”. You don’t have to prove anything to this NFL fan, Donovan. I’ve seen you play your whole career and you can hold your head up high… while the “cry babies” of the NFL continue to make themselves look like the spoiled and over paid whiners they truly are.

So, due to this being Metal Odyssey, I found it appropriate to dedicate a song, a Heavy Metal song, to Donovan McNabb. Helloween – Can Do It. This amazing song is from Helloween’s 2007 album – Gambling With The Devil. This song is extremely inspirational and makes me feel so damned good. Let this song be the “theme” for the rest of Donovan McNabb’s NFL career! Metal be thy name.




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