Metal Odyssey’s Top Six Unsigned Metal Bands Of 2010!

Top Six Unsigned Metal Bands of 2010: There are countless unsigned bands in the world today, representing every genre of music. Metal Odyssey receives a fine share of demos and fully produced CD’s from unsigned bands. Many of these bands have potential to take their music to the next level, where there are those bands that should consider other career options. Then, there are the bands that are ready NOW for a major independent or major label to grasp onto what they are creating and playing. These are the unsigned bands that NEED to be signed NOW, to a major independent or major label.

I have chosen my favorite six unsigned bands of this past year and want to share them with the world, as a special edition of Metal Odyssey’s “Best Of” lists for 2010. A few of these bands I had the Metal pleasure to interview during 2010, while the other bands I’m sure I’ll cross Metal paths with one day soon. At the end of the Metal day, these six Metal bands are my favorites from the unsigned crowd of 2010. Here’s hoping that maybe one of these bands, if not all, will spark your Metal curiosity like they did mine!

Metal Odyssey’s Top Six Unsigned Metal Bands Of 2010:


(Photo by: Stephanie Grant –

From Southern California, there is the dynamic Metal duo of Brandon Ortiz, aka Eski and Belle Roka that make Morphine Killer… so damn killer to listen to.

What makes Morphine Killer such a tremendous Metal band is their quality songs, filled with quality vocals, lyrics and musicianship… the entire 100 yards of Metal. I reviewed their Nightmares EP with a posting back on April 23, 2010. Check it out for yourself by clicking that unreal looking header below!


Back on May 16, 2010, Eski and Belle Roka took the time to answer some questions I threw at them. You can read this very cool interview by clicking on the very loud header below!


Throw It All Away is the new single that Morphine Killer released earlier this year, it will be on their forthcoming full-length album – Sickening. You can purchase this fantastic song on itunes, along with Morphine Killer’s two raging EP’s: Unapologetic and Nightmares. For now, take a listen to Throw It All Away by clicking on that cool box below! I hope you dig this song as much as I have been!

* For more info on Morphine Killer, click on the links below:

MORPHINE KILLER – Official Website

MORPHINE KILLER – Myspace music


Out of the Great White North… comes a Traditional Metal Band that brings Old School back with their very own supercharged Metal vibe and eye popping Metal skills… thank you Calgary, Alberta, Canada for – DERAILED. Led by founding member Dean Boland, the lead guitarist and a man of many Metal hats, Derailed is a big Metal deal to my ears. If you haven’t heard of Derailed just yet… your gonna.

On June 26, 2010, I posted the album review for the Derailed debut album Judgement Day. You can read all about it by clicking the huge header below!


On August 4, 2010, my interview with Derailed’s Dean Boland was posted. Check it out by clicking the gigantic header below… it will serve you Metal justice.


* For more info on DERAILED, click the links below:

DERAILED – Official Website

DERAILED – myspace music


On both sides of the Atlantic, there is Metal aplenty. Metal is a worldwide phenomenon that will never say die. Austria can very well boast, they are the home country for – Sergeant Steel. Every neighborhood in every country should have a band like Sergeant Steel, their brand of Hard Rock colliding with Old School Heavy Metal is so damn contagious.

On July 1, 2010, I posted the album review for Sergeant Steel’s debut – Lovers & Maniacs. You can read about this Hard Rockin’ & Metal Thumpin’ album by clicking on the bloated header below!


Back on July 14, 2010, my interview with Phil Vanderkill, the flamboyant front man for Sergeant Steel, was posted. If you want to get an “inside” track on just what Sergeant Steel is all about, click on the hefty header below!


* For more info on Sergeant Steel, click on the links below:

SERGEANT STEEL – Official Website

Sergeant Steel – MySpace Music Page


From Mammoth Lakes, California, VALDUR caught my Metal attention with a fiery blast of Black Metal whoop ass. Metal be thy name… VALDUR is for real.

On November 18, 2010, I posted the album review for VALDUR’S blackened Metal triumph which is called – Raven God Amongst Us. I highly recommend you take the time to check it out, by clicking that rotund header below!

VALDUR “Raven God Amongst Us” – A Raw And Apocalyptic Black Metal Storm

* For more info on VALDUR, click here: VALDUR – myspace music


NeuTrad Archon released their full-length album this past year, titled – Overture. With ten songs that more than smoke the Metal meter to a melting point. These songs on Overture have undeniable substance, both lyrically and musically, with an unrelenting ability to satisfy my Extreme Metal hunger.

Their progressive, blackened, momentarily Folk Metal and downright darkened with Metal Extremity. This band knows how to incorporate a melodic drive to their sound as well, utilizing the keyboards throughout Overture and on one track violins are introduced, which makes NeuTrad Archon not just ultra-diverse in their Metal style, it makes them a band to latch onto and brag about to your Metal peers. This band has all the right ingredients to be huge in the Metal world one day.

* Look for a complete album review of Overture in early 2011, right here at Metal Odyssey!

* For more info on NeuTrad Archon, click on the link below:

NeuTrad Archon – myspace music


With New Jersey as their home base, the trio of M. Gonçalves (vocals, guitars, bass), Valcek (Violin) and JP Andrade on drums have created an album that mesmerizes my Metal senses with their full-length, eight song, album debut – Tribus. Windfaerer is such a band of Metal talent, it’s unquestionably scary. This is blackened Folk Metal at it’s underground finest, making me want to leap through the dark and foreboding fields of my neighborhood at night, in euphoric Metal glee, while raising the horns to the moonlit sky.

* Look for a complete album review of Tribus in early 2011, right here at Metal Odyssey!

* For more info on Windfaerer, click on the link below:

WINDFAERER – Myspace Music





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13 Responses to “Metal Odyssey’s Top Six Unsigned Metal Bands Of 2010!”

  1. I’ve always liked listening to new bands. This is becasue they are hungry and the hunger is reflected in the music.

  2. Thanks, it is just a shame that when many of those bands make it. They wimp out and start sounding too commercial

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Often times it’s the record company that a band signs with or a producer with that “commercial” and/or “red carpet” mentality that causes the “Billboard Chart Syndrome” within a band.

      Century Media, Metal Blade, E1 Music, Frontiers and Candlelight Records come to mind, when it comes to labels that allow bands to be who they “really are” musically. There are many, many other cool independent record labels out there too. The “big boy” labels are no longer interested in “growing a band” through a series of albums… it’s one and done if they don’t hit the charts or sell millions.

      Underground will always be Metal king… true underground and independent bands will never sway. At least that’s what I hope!

  3. This is all so true. One label I remember back in the 80s was Combat records who almost singlehandedly brought thrash to life. It’s good to see that there are still Independents out there who still hold true to the basic belief of letting a metal band be themselves.
    On another note, do you review books on metal?

  4. Had a look at your review for Heavy Metal Thunder 1985 and I believe that I have come up with its equal. Rock And Roll Children by Michael D. LeFevre (yes, I admit it’s me) has just recently come out and is a hrad hitting account of heavy metal in the 1980s. It includes such great albums as Motley Crue- Theatre of Pain, Twisted Sister- Stay Hungry, Dio- The Last in Line and even SOD Stormtroopers of Death- Speak English or Die. The book also gives accounts of brilliant concerts of the time including the 1986 Ozzy/ Metallica tour and Dio/Twisted Sister in 1984 as well as the concert at The Ritz in New York with Motorhead, Wendy O Williams and the Stormtroopers of Death where I was first introduced to stage diving.

    The story goes further to highlight the intolerance against heavy metal and metal heads. One example is the Jesus freaks who used to go to concerts to condemn us all to hell.

    So have a read, I’m sure you’ll like it.

  5. I had a look at the links and I must say “cool!” I still remember a great quote by Blackie Lawless during the PMRC bullshit. “McCarthyism is back, just McCarthy is in drag.” The worst case of PMRC bullshit was the trial of Jello Biafra for his Frankenchrist album.
    I have now lived in the UK since 1986, (a woman was involved) but there never is or was all the backlash against metal here as there was in the US. Hell, I went to the Bloodstock Festval last summer and it was totally relaxed. No cops or gestapo securtiy guards.
    Rock And Roll Chldren is now available to buy on amazon

    • metalodyssey Says:

      I’ll have to pick up your book for sure. The PMRC… filled with the “self-righteous elitists” who not only FAILED at politics, they FAILED as “self appointed” dictators.

      That is very cool about the culture of the U.K. never having the “backlash” against Metal years ago. Metal is a brotherhood… and that Bloodstock Festival along with the other major European Festivals are symbols of this. I went to the M3 Rock Festival in Maryland this past Summer of 2010… it was low key with no trouble that I saw. Again, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal fans assembled together are part of that brotherhood.

      We are more safe at a Metal Festival than we are in a fast food rest room. 😉

      – Stone

  6. Spot on about the failed politicians on the PMRC. Tipper Gore is the total reason I didn’t vote for Gore in 2000 and ended up voting for Ralph Nader. Your fast food comment gave me a smile and reminded me of a scene in the book. Following a Motely Crue concert, the main characters go into a McDonalds where they get harassed by people in there and some idiot cop who thinks he’s John Wayne. Of course they backed off when more metal heads began to arrive.
    However, a month later following a Dio concert, they go back to the same McDs and it is like a police convention is going on there.
    I bought the WASP Last Command album because it was the first one to have the PMRC label on it.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      I like to bring up those “scary times” when those Neanderthals were trying to create a dictatorship through their oppressive ideals. History has a way of repeating itself, fans of music, of any genre, should be aware of what that PMRC tried to accomplish. Groups like that will never go away. Like I’ve stated in the past, that political group won their little “sticker” to be put on CD’s… only that little “sticker” helps sell more CD’s and now mp3’s than the PMRC could ever have imagined.

      I think it’s hilarious, when you go to itunes and the word “explicit” is next to “certain” artists and their songs. Plus, that same word is in bright red! There are tons of songs that have “explicit” next to them… so many of these songs are not even remotely close to being “PG” rated! It’s a laugh.

  7. I am writing to you on this page because there is something that can be beneficial to the both of us. I am willing to send you a free copy of Rock And Roll Children electronically. Needless to say that I am obligated to tell you that the book is protected under copyright laws. In return for this copy, I would hope to give the book a full review on your blog. Let me know what you think and you can email me direct at
    Thank you

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