MISFITS – Latest News On Horror Punk Legends!

MISFITS – Currently being sold NOW at MISFITS – Official Website is the clear yellow vinyl edition of the 12″ – LAND OF THE DEAD. Both the red vinyl and green vinyl editions of this unreal MISFITS collectible were released in 2009 on MISFITS Records and are sold out. Anytime a MISFITS 12″ vinyl is released, you have to act fast… they are highly sought after by fellow Fiends the world over! I was lucky (and smart enough) to have ordered the red vinyl edition of LAND OF THE DEAD (back in September of 2009)… and it has served me right.

As stated on the Official MISFITS website: “This clear yellow vinyl edition will be the final color-way pressed before these “Demo of the Dead” recordings are succeeded by new studio versions of both songs on the forthcoming “Twilight Of The Dead” Limited Edition 12-inch”.

The Official MISFITS website also has stated: “Fiends can expect to draw first blood from the ALL-NEW MISFITS ALBUM titled “THE DEVIL’S RAIN” COMING IN 2011!

Now… to say that Stone is psyched-out-of-his-Horror Punk and Metal mind is an amazing understatement! A NEW MISFITS ALBUM IN 2011! Happy Horror Punk days are here again… and the skies above are gray again!

* For more MISFITS info, click here: MISFITS – MySpace Music Page

MISFITS (On Land Of The Dead):

Jerry Only – bass & vocals

Dez Cadena – rhythm & lead guitars

Robo AKA Julio Roberto Valverde Valencia – drums

* Eric “Goat” Arce current drummer (formerly Murphy’s Law)

Land Of The Dead was released on October 27, 2009, on MISFITS Records.

Track Listing For Land Of The Dead:

Land Of The Dead

Twilight Of The Dead




One Response to “MISFITS – Latest News On Horror Punk Legends!”

  1. The Misfits died about a decade ago. There is much more creativity going on with the former frontmen: Danzig and Graves. Also Doyle has been busy too with his band Gorgeous Frankenstein. The Misfits of today are merely a smash & grab crew trying to get money from 12 year olds in Hot Topic. If you are looking for a good Horror Punk band, I suggest looking into a band called Blitzkid. If you really like the Danzig and Graves era Misfits, you will love Blitzkid.

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