HEMOPTYSIS – Nominated For Best Metal/Hardcore Song By The 10th Annual Independent Music Awards!

HEMOPTYSIS – Phoenix Arizona based HEMOPTYSIS and other self-released and independent label talent have been named as nominees for the 10th Independent Music Awards, aka: The IMA’s. This is an influential music awards program for independent bands and fans. HEMOPTYSIS has been nominated in the “Best Metal/Hardcore Song” category for Shadow of Death, taken from their self-released and critically acclaimed full length/debut album: Misanthropic Slaughter.

Metal Odyssey congratulates HEMOPTYSIS on this fabulous nomination and Metal recognition. HEMOPTYSIS is going to be an enormous player in leading the charge for Thrash Metal’s future… stateside and worldwide! A blazing Metal force has been unleashed upon the populace and it’s named HEMOPTYSIS. Metal be thy name.

* For more info on the 10th Independent Music Awards, just click this link here: The Independent Music Awards

* For more info on HEMOPTYSIS and to pre-order their debut/full-length album Misanthropic Slaughter, click here: HEMOPTYSIS – Official Website

HEMOPTYSISMisanthropic Slaughter releases on March 8th, 2011!


Masaki Murashita – vocals & guitar

Ryan Miller – lead guitar

Sunao Arai – bass

Travis Thune – drums



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