REV THEORY – “Justice” Billboard Chart Positions For Week of March 5th, 2011! Some Metal Thoughts…

REV THEORY – For the week of March 5th, 2011, the third studio album, Justice, from the Hard Rockin’ Rev Theory debuted at #75 on the Billboard 200 Chart. This is refreshing news, especially when the Billboard 200 Chart is saturated with watered down, commercial, bubble gum and flavor-of-the-month (ahem) “music”. Now, it’s time for Rev Theory to serve up some “Justice” on the Billboard charts.

I will readily admit, Justice is one heavy hitter for my ears. This album is loaded with songs that are guitar driven and packed with melodic crunch. The first three songs alone are very memorable: Dead In A Grave, Justice and Hangman just lead right into a complete album of songs that prove Rev Theory weren’t aiming to play it safe.

Rich Luzzi sounds tough as ever on vocals, with not one note being over stretched. The guitar duo of Julien Jorgensen and Lixx are more potent than ever, with Dave Agoglia (drums) and Matty McCloskey (bass) laying down some of the smoothest and coolest beats I’ve heard in a very long time. If your shopping around for a newly released Hard Rock album that kicks some genuine ass, Rev Theory ‘s Justice is the answer.

* Justice was released on February 15, 2011, on Interscope Records/DGC Records and produced by Terry Date.


REV THEORY – JUSTICE Billboard chart (debut) positions for the week of March 5th, 2011:

Billboard 200 – #75

Rock Albums – #20

Alternative Albums – #11

Hard Rock Albums – #5


Rich Luzzi – lead vocals

Julien Jorgensen – guitar

Rikki Lixx – guitar, backing vocals

Matty McCloskey – bass, backing vocals

Dave Agoglia – drums

Track Listing For Justice:

Dead In A Grave



The Fire

Loaded Gun

Guilty By Design

Enemy Within

Wicked Wonderland

Say Goodbye

Never Again

Hollow Man

* For more info on REV THEORY, click the links below:

REV THEORY – myspace music

REV THEORY – Official Website



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