Metal Odyssey Celebrates Two Year Anniversary!

METAL ODYSSEY – Back on March 1st, 2009, I started this Metal Odyssey – Heavy Metal Music Blog. As days, weeks and months passed by, I realized that Classic Rock, Punk Rock, Rock, Hard Rock and even Folk Rock were being consumed by my ears all of my life as well. It’s the Rock classics of yesteryear that made me the Metalhead I am today anyways! With so many Rock genres crossing my Metal path, I began to write album reviews and commentary about them. So, a union of Rock ‘n’ Roll sort of happened within a two year period on Metal Odyssey. My first love is Metal, yet I’m a bona fide Rockaholic. If it Rocks, I’m listening and blabbing… regardless of genre.

* I chose to show the album cover for Slayer’s Show No Mercy at the top of this post for one simple reason: this album represents my coming of Metal age as a young lad… when the bands I began to follow were no longer available at my Caldor department store!

Without making a huge list of names, I want to say THANK YOU:

* To all the visitors and subscribers to Metal Odyssey. Without you Rockin’ guys and gals, there would be no reason to even have this blog! Really. Sure, I enjoy writing about music… only it is extremely more enjoyable knowing that my “stuff” is actually being read by others who either agree or disagree with me. I thank all the visitors and fellow Metalheads for their comments!

* To all the bands and musicians who I’ve interviewed and/or became friends with during the past two years. It’s Rockin’ guys and gals like you, who’ve inspired me to listen better and write all the more about Metal and Rock ‘n’ Roll.

* To all my peer Rock, Hard Rock and Metal bloggers out there. Many I have become Metal buddies with and I can’t describe just how cool that makes me feel! Rob Rockitt at HARD ROCK HIDEOUT, Kinger at Demolish Fanzine – 1980’s Heavy Metal Revival and Metal Mark at Heavy Metal Time Machinethank you for listening to my whining and helping me out as often as you do. Gee Metal whiz you guys ROCK.

* To all the incredibly cool PR guys and gals who have been instrumental in helping Metal Odyssey have the Metal muscle to deliver the Metal goods! Metal be thy name.

* A special thank you to my wife and Scott Coverdale for their support! Coverdale’s Metal research is a splendid thing and he is embarking on being a contributing writer for Metal Odyssey too!

* Anyone that I forgot to thank… THANK YOU!

* To read the very first post I ever wrote for Metal Odyssey, just click that big header link below. When I read it now I get embarrassed.




The word “splendid” was used in this post.


19 Responses to “Metal Odyssey Celebrates Two Year Anniversary!”

  1. Congratulations! I really enjoy your blog…keep it up!

    I also started my blog in March…late March ’08.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Thanks a Metal ton Tokyo 5! Looks like March is a “cool” month to start a blog! 😉

      You’ll be celebrating a 3 year anniversary soon! 🙂

  2. Congrats on your Two Year Anniversary! It is amazing how fast the time goes! I hope year 3 at Metal Odyssey is your best one yet!

  3. Congrats man! Three episodes in on what I hope is a similarly glorious path…

    Have a listen if you’d like:

  4. Congrats. Reading you’re blog is like reading a Metal Enclycopedia. Well done Stone!!!

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Gee Metal whiz Zipper… thanks! I’m no Eddie Trunk… but heck, if you really feel that way, horns up to ya! \m/\m/

  5. Congrats Stone! Looking forward to many more years of Metal Odyssey!

  6. Very cool blog, I enjoy reading it, and I have even entertained thoughts of creating my own music blog someday, also like your views of metal/hard rock bands both old and new

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Thanks Manny! I feel you should start a Metal/Hard Rock blog… you have the Rock ‘n’ Roll knowledge, let it out and share the Metal wealth!

  7. Happy anniversary!

  8. Happy anniversay to Metal Odyessey! May it continue for many years. I like the Slayer and Motorhead leads, both great bands. Did you know that Motorhead are headlining Bloodstock this year?

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Thanks 80’s Metal Man. I haven’t gone over the entire lineup for Bloodstock… I’m gonna check it out… I’m sure it must be LOADED too. Motorhead is as great a headliner as any band in the land for that festival. (Or any Rock or Metal festival for that matter).

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