FAITHSEDGE – Releasing Self-Titled Debut On April 19th, 2011! Album Details and Some Metal Thoughts…

FAITHSEDGE – What do you get when you combine Heavy Metal and Hard Rock with a bit of Progressive sound and style? FAITHSEDGE is the Metal answer. FAITHSEDGE will be releasing their self-titled debut album on April 19th, 2011, via Scarlet Records. This “new” band can surely be recognized as a supergroup, only the ego’s appear to be non-existent, based on the quality Heavy Music I’m listening to. Five songs are currently streaming on the official FAITHSEDGE website and they are worth every second of your Metal time to check out! (See link at bottom of post)

Making up this veteran lineup of musicians that are FAITHSEDGE: Giancarlo Floridia on lead vocals and guitar, has worked alongside world respected producers Mike Talanca (David Bowie/Foreigner) and Juan Croucier (ex-Ratt) along with others. Songwriter as well, Giancarlo founded FAITHSEDGE in 2009, in Huntington Beach, California. Well known bass guitarist and producer Fabrizio Grossi has worked alongside numerous names in the music industry, including: Alice Cooper, Steve Lukather, George Clinton, Ice T and Cypress Hill, to name a many few.

Alex De Rosso on lead guitar has played “live” lead guitar for Dokken, while touring the globe with them. Alex De Rosso is without a doubt, a widely respected guitarist amongst his peers in the recording industry and has worked alongside some of the very best. Tony Morra on drums owns his own studio in Nashville, Tennessee (the Downtown Batterie) and has played with Rebecca St. James and Van Zant to name a couple.

I’d like to tell the world that I really dig what I hear thus far from FAITHSEDGE. There is a Classic Rock meets Classic Metal feel and vibe that jumps right out of the songs from this band. Giancarlo on vocals sounds excellent, lending plenty of emotion to the lyrics. After listening to Giancarlo, you just might think he is a standout vocalist and guitarist with Arena Rock roots, stretching back to those glory days we call the 80’s. Psyche-you-out guitar licks are aplenty, which gives this band it’s heavy and melodic muscle.

Collectively (not to leave out anyone) FAITHSEDGE plays tight, melodic Hard Rock and Heavy Metal that spills over with many memorable moments for me. This is top quality, this is FAITHSEDGE. These are songs that are worthy of being heard live and loud in any venue on this planet. Metal be thy name.

* Phil Vincent – provides additional background vocals.

This FAITHSEDGE album was:

* Produced, recorded and mixed by Fabrizio Grossi.

* Recorded at Noize Factor Studio (Valencia, CA).

* Mastered by Tom Baker at Precision Mastering (Hollywood, CA).

Track Listing for FAITHSEDGE (partial due to availability)

Another Chance

Let It End This Way

Somewhere In Your Heart

The World Keep Falling Down

There’s Still Hope

* Album cover picture by: Richard Crosthwaite

* Album cover model: Jessica Renee Wilson

* For more info on FAITHSEDGE, just click the links below:

FAITHSEDGE – Official Website






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