HEMOPTYSIS – A Metal Odyssey Interview With Masaki Murashita

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HEMOPTYSISMasaki Murashita is the founder, lead singer and guitarist for Hemoptysis, a Thrash Metal band from Phoenix, Arizona. Masaki wears a lot of hats these days, while making certain the world is being properly introduced to Hemoptysis. The blending of Extreme Metal styles is what makes Hemoptysis stand-out from the Metal pack. With some Death Metal grooves and occasional shades of Blackened vocal tones from Masaki, these attributes just seem to make the Thrash he and his band have created all the more relevant and unique in 2011. The overriding “Old School” Thrash style and sound of Hemoptysis is the driving force behind the songs heard on their debut full-length – Misanthropic Slaughter.

The “do-it-yourself” work ethic of this band, led by Masaki, released their debut album independently on March 8th, 2011. Since then, the critical response from all over the globe has been nothing short of exhilarating for a band that has justifiably earned it. Masaki is young and driven, with a professional air about him that I cannot help admire. This is a musician in Metal that has a keen sense of awareness for the business side of the recording industry. At the end of the Metal day, it is Masaki’s musical proficiency that he combines with his band’s impressive Metal skills that has left me rather awestruck, ever since my first listen to Misanthropic Slaughter.

I recall wondering and writing, how long can Hemoptysis be left unsigned to a label? This band could not be overlooked for long, however. On March 8th, 2011, the very day that Misanthropic Slaughter was released, it was announced that Rock It Up/IceWarrior Records from Germany signed a licensing deal with Hemoptysis. Metal be thy name, I felt proud for Masaki and his band. It’s a deserved leap forward into eventual Metal stardom. Hemoptysis has Metal stock that is rising fast, so my best advice is to invest your Metal time and money wisely and pick up Misanthropic Slaughter… you surely want to be a part of Thrash Metal and Metal history in the making.

Masaki Murashita is one cool Metal gentleman to speak with. I cannot resist supporting his Metal career and insanely impressive band known as Hemoptysis. Here is what Masaki had to say:

Stone: Just how did Hemoptysis evolve?

Masaki: Travis and I met through a mutual friend in April of 2007.  We started the band in June of 2007 when I found a larger practice space and another guitarist.  We got Sunao to play bass for us in early 2008.  Initially, I wasn’t the singer.  We had a different singer for a few months. After the original singer left, I took over on vocals.  We went through a few lead guitarists until we got Ryan Miller, who is also in a band called Excessive Bleeding.

Stone: How proud are you and the guys for getting signed to Rock It Up/IceWarrior Records?

Masaki: We all are very proud of it. We finally found a label that believes in us. They offered the most fair deal by far and it showed long term interest in our career. We are truly honored and we will continue working hard.

Stone: Metallica “Master Of Puppets” versus Slayer “Reign In Blood”. Which album is better and why? No, you can’t give a “tie” for an answer! (LOL)

Masaki: It’s a tough question since I grew up listening to both albums, but I’d say “Master of Puppets” because that record definitely inspired me to play Metal.

Stone: How have the live gigs been going for you? Tell us about your charity gigs too!

Masaki: It’s been really fun! The charity gig was especially awesome simply because the venue used to be a church and playing songs like “Who Needs A Shepherd?” was just priceless.

Stone: Can you update us on your family and friends well being in Japan?

Masaki: They are all doing well. Thank you! Japanese people are strong. Though it may take some time, they are working really hard to bring back their normal life.

Stone: What do you feel is lacking in today’s Heavy Metal climate when it comes to marketing and promotion?

Masaki: Team work. Everybody needs to work together to keep the scene. Bands can’t expect to get their name out and bring people to their shows without working hard. Same thing to fans. If you would like to see your favorite bands, you need to show them support by spreading the word and buying their merchandise and music. Promoters, venues, and labels also need to do their job and promote the shows to support the bands and the scene. Everybody is becoming greedy nowadays, but at the end of the day, we all need to survive and work together to sustain.

Stone: What inner and outside influence(s) did you and the band draw from, to write and record such a kick ass and Old School album of Metal?

Masaki: I have heavy influence from old school Thrash. Our drummer, Travis, and our lead guitarist, Ryan, are death metal guys. Our bassist, Sunao, listens to everything, including non-Metal stuff. We all have different backgrounds and that makes our music unique when everybody’s ideas blend together.

Stone: Tell the world… what veteran band do you feel Hemoptysis should open up for on a major tour and why?

Masaki: Megadeth, Carcass, Exodus, Testament to name a few. Those bands are just a few of the core influences of our sound and we think the people who are into those bands would like us.

Stone: Are you guys currently writing new Metal material for the next album?

Masaki: Yes. We are already working on the material for the next record.

Stone: With so much critical praise, from so many outlets, for “Misanthropic Slaughter”, are you shocked, knew it was coming or just humbled?

Masaki: We weren’t sure what was going to happen.  We knew we liked it but we weren’t 100% sure what people would think.  A lot of people liked our EP, “Who Needs A Shepherd?,” and gave it good reviews, so we were pretty sure people would like this better since the quality of the recording is so much better.  We also grew as musicians and switched to an even better lead guitarist, so we felt pretty confident about good reviews coming in.  We consider ourselves pretty humble, though.

Stone: What band that you’ve seen perform live left you awestruck?

Masaki: D.R.I. We opened for them last September and we were amazed how much their fans love them. The crowd was nuts! We’ve never seen that crazy of a pit and crowd at the venue in which we played. Much respect to them for being one of the most legendary “Do It Yourself (DIY)” bands.

Stone: Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans as we close out?

Masaki: If you like our music, please buy our music and support us. We would like to tour and play enough cities, both in the U.S. and abroad, only we cannot do this without our fans supporting us.


Masaki Murashita – vocals & guitar

Ryan Miller – lead guitar

Sunao Arai – bass

Travis Thune – drums

* For more info on HEMOPTYSIS, click on the links below:

HEMOPTYSIS – Official Website

HEMOPTYSIS – myspace music


HEMOPTYSIS – bandcamp page

Rock It Up / IceWarrior Records

* Metal Odyssey reminds those who want to help out our great friends in Japan, to click on the link below for assistance:





6 Responses to “HEMOPTYSIS – A Metal Odyssey Interview With Masaki Murashita”

  1. Cool interview. How do you get so many interviews?
    I haven’t done one in awhile ( http://www3.ocn.ne.jp/~tokyo5/interviews.html ).

    Two members of this band are Japanese but I haven’t heard of Hemoptysis before.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Thank you. Well, after I whine, beg and stomp my feet, these Metal dudes usually give in to my interview requests! (LOL) 😮

    • metalodyssey Says:

      My bad, I forgot to add: Thanks for the link… and I HIGHLY encourage you to buy this new/debut Hemoptysis album! If you like “The Big 4” or any of the “Old School” Thrash bands, man, your gonna really dig this band!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Another great interview Stone! Have to buy this one!

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Thank you “anonymous”! Yes, I extremely recommend your buying “Misanthropic Slaughter”… and buy another 10 or 12 to get some “very early holiday shopping done” for your fellow Metalhead friends and or family members! 🙂

  3. Great interview, man you have me salivating over here wanting to hear this band, is the label big enough to be in Best Buy stores or should I just go to Amazon?

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