MARAZENE MACHINE – Mötley Crüe Members Give A Thumbs Up To “Live Wire” Cover Song

CHICAGO, IL (DLSP) – Chicago’s MARAZENE MACHINE (formerly MARAZENE) have been “swooning” over the recently posted comments by Rock legends TOMMY LEE and NIKKI SIXX about the bands digital single cover of “LIVE WIRE“. Described as an “edgy electronic/whiskey/sex-fueled rendition of the MOTLEY CRUE classic,” “LIVE WIRE” is currently available at iTunes or for free download (with email signup) for a limited time at the following locationMARAZENE MACHINE – REVERBNATION

TOMMY LEE was first to notice the track over the weekend of May 14th. “Fucking wicked version” he tweeted on the social networking juggernaut TWITTER.

“Killer” NIKKI SIXX was quick to concur in a retweet.

Mötley Crüe, currently on tour in South America, have been in the news almost daily keeping fans updated on their current whereabouts and happenings. To say they have a lot on their plate would be an understatement so the comments definitely come during a time when it would have been just as easy to say nothing at all or the track to have been overlooked altogether.

But MARAZENE MACHINE members are humbled to have been mentioned at all.

“It’s a grounded/stuck-in-his-room-for-a-YEAR kids dream come true to hear this kind of acknowledgement from a couple guys I deeply admire..” offered vocalist and multi-instrumentalist DIETRICH THRALL. “I think I’m going to wallpaper my studio with print outs”.

“Always a good feeling to get the ‘nod’ for a cover song from the guys who wrote it!” commented vocalist and multi-instrumentalist NIKK SKUM.

Over the years the independent MARAZENE MACHINE have racked up several major and impressive accomplishments. The band was quick to land three instrumental tracks on THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS and subsequent THE MATRIX RELOADED box set out of the gate then followed that up with multiple self-managed National tours with the likes of MUSHROOMHEAD, THE HUMAN ABSTRACT, PSYCLON NINE, WEDNESDAY 13, and DEADSTAR ASSEMBLY 100% DIY. MARAZENE MACHINE also took the lead in establishing themselves as “virtual” performers in SECOND LIFE, a social interactive virtual world.  

More recently the band survived the recent passing of original drummer and co-founder Kristopher “Kristov” Kemp to cancer which threatened to end their run outright. MARAZENE MACHINE abruptly went silent only to emerge after a self-imposed mourning period with an archive of 40+ songs which are on deck to be released in the coming months as digital singles and future albums.

With little industry support other than a rabid cult fan base “defying the odds” has become a calling card for one of the hardest working underground bands today.

And with a new album in the works set for Fall 2011 release, industry experts would do well to keep an eye on MARAZENE MACHINE as nabbing a quick spotlight no longer seems to be a fluke – it’s fast becoming a time-honored tradition.

* Labels looking to work with the band should contact:

(Source: Clawhammer PR)

* For more info on MARAZENE MACHINE, click on the links below:


MARAZENE MACHINE – Official Website


Long Live Marazene Machine.

Long Live Mötley Crüe.


2 Responses to “MARAZENE MACHINE – Mötley Crüe Members Give A Thumbs Up To “Live Wire” Cover Song”

  1. Interesting, I must listen further.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      I can’t blame you for wanting to listen further! Right on! These dudes are rowdy with their music and pretty damn cool with their style. \m/

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