Within Temptation – “Shot In The Dark”: A Melodic and Symphonic Metal Song That’s Truly Memorable

WITHIN TEMPTATION – On March 29th, 2011, the fifth studio album from the Dutch Symphonic Metal band Within Temptation was released, via RoadRunner Records. The Unforgiving is the album and my favorite song from it is Shot In The Dark. Sharon den Adel is an amazingly powerful vocalist, she really summons up a bounty of believable emotion on Shot In The Dark. Within Temptation took Melodic and Symphonic Metal to incredible heights with The Unforgiving. I highly recommend this new album from Within Temptation. I admire and respect the direction that this band has taken on this album and it has become quite the contagious listen for me over the past month. Truly an inspiring album is The Unforgiving.

In the April 2011 issue (Issue 130) of Power Play Rock & Metal Magazine, (vocalist Sharon den Adel stated about the new album’s concept: “It’s a very realistic story, although you don’t see that in the first phase when you see a lot of the supernatural and people being brought back to life to have a second chance. It’s not about bad people but good people making bad choices. There are many layers and characters but it’s about making peace with yourself.”

Watch and listen below to Shot In The Dark… I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Within Temptation:

Sharon den Adel – vocals

Robert Westerholt – electric guitars

Martijn Westerholt – keyboards

Ruud Jolie – acoustic & electric guitars

Jeroen van Veen – bass guitars

Track Listing For The Unforgiving:

Why Not Me

Shot In The Dark

In The Middle Of The Night


Fire And Ice


Where Is The Edge




A Demon’s Fate

Stairway To The Skies

* For more info on Within Temptation, click the links below:

WITHIN TEMPTATION – Official Website




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