URIAH HEEP – Nail On The Head: Official Video… ROCKS!

URIAH HEEP – Into The Wild is the 23rd studio album from the legendary Uriah Heep and was released on Frontiers Records on May 3rd, 2011. Since 1970, Uriah Heep has been Rockin’ the globe! Founding member and guitarist Mick Box has his band once again playing some of the best Hard Rock in the land! Throughout this iconic band’s reign, be it progressive, melodic, hard or heavy, one thing is for certain… after 40 years of Uriah Heep Rock ‘n’ Roll, this band is unquestionably steady!

Below is the Hard Rockin’ and thunder stompin’ song: Nail On The Head. Take a look and listen for yourself below… URIAH HEEP are Classic Rock Kings!


Mick Box – guitar & vocals

Bernie Shaw – lead vocals

Trevor Bolder – bass & vocals

Russell Gilbrook – drums & vocals

Phil Lanzon – keyboards & vocals

* For more info on URIAH HEEP, click on the links below:

URIAH HEEP – Official Website

URIAH HEEP – MySpace Music Page




4 Responses to “URIAH HEEP – Nail On The Head: Official Video… ROCKS!”

  1. Another great slice of rock from The Heep! Their last album heralded a return to form, and they show little sign of letting up.

    I was talking to their ex-vocalist Pete Goalby a few months back – great guy – his tenure with the band also produced some great music. They have a long and lasting legacy.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Kev, I couldn’t agree with you more about Pete Goalby’s time with Uriah Heep… and all your points. “Abominog” and “Head First” are two solid and memorably Rockin’ Uriah Heep albums from those early 80’s. Those two albums were like a one-two Hard Rockin’ punch back then… they still are now!

      • They sure are Stone. We did a festival in Bosnia last year with Heep, but sadly we missed their set as we had to fly to Germany for another gig the day after.

  2. Didn’t realise these guys were still on the go. Rock on Uriah Heep!

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