Masaki Murashita – Hemoptysis Frontman Launches!

(Photo Credit: Eyeful Images Photographic Arts)

MASAKI MURASHITA – Best known for his role as the lead vocalist/guitarist for the critically acclaimed Thrash Metal power house, Hemoptysis, Masaki Murashita is an accomplished musician, songwriter, and recording engineer with over six years of experience in the entertainment industry.

He has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Grammy Award winning producer Ryan Greene (NOFX, Authority Zero, F5), platinum selling recording artist Megadeth, and metal underground heavy hitters Agoraphobic Nosebleed, and Benedictum.

Personal endorsements include Jackson Guitars, Engl Amps, EMG Pickups, Providence cables, straps and effects, Morley pedals, Maxon (Godlyke), InTune Guitar Picks, SIT Strings, Coffin Case, and Mono Case.

In regards to the website, Masaki stated, “A career in music is tough, and you need to diversify in order to make ends meet. While I am first and foremost a founding member of Hemoptyisis, I am also a recording engineer, and keep an open mind regarding other music-oriented opportunities. This website will no doubt aid in expanding my horizons, allowing me to reach a whole new level as a music industry professional.”

Masaki and Hemoptysis have recently released the group’s debut full length album, “Misanthropic Slaughter” in both the USA and Europe to literally hundreds of rave reviews.

For more information regarding Masaki Murashita and services available, please visit

(Source: Hemoptysis/Masaki Murashita)



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