STONECOLLAR – “Trial By Fire” Debut Album Is Ablaze! Two Tracks To Hear Right Now!

STONECOLLAR – Recently, a very cool Hard Rock band from Cape Town, South Africa crossed my Metal path. STONECOLLAR. Whoa. These dudes are for real. Hard Rock seems to be alive and quite well over in Cape Town. This up and coming Hard Rock battalion takes the best from what Old School Hard Rock and Metal has taught them and they combine it with a Modern Hard Rockin’ sound and psyched-out vibes aplenty.

In my Metal opinion, STONECOLLAR has grasped onto what Hard Rock is supposed to sound like… edgy, heavy, hard and simply put, bad-ass. I hear that Hard Rock fire in Stonecollar’s recently released debut album Trial By Fire, a fire of a hungry band that is on a mission to spread their kick ass brand of Heavy Music across the globe. It’s always a grand surprise to stumble upon a band like Stonecollar, reminding me that the glorious flag of Hard Rock truly has been passed down once again.

Trial By Fire was produced, recorded and mastered by the band members themselves. The raw thunder you’ll here is credible, there’s nothing over polished to a chrome sheen heard on Trial By Fire, therefore, no gimmicks, no false pretensions. Stonecollar has made Hard Rock the old fashioned way, fusing their sound with blue-collar craftsmanship. When a band is over produced to well done, that band loses it’s flavor. Not so with this band. Stonecollar has just the right amount of rawness for seasoned Hard Rock fans to digest and beg for more!

Below you can listen to two tracks from Stonecollar’s debut album: Trial By Fire and SQT:



Sean Tait on lead guitar and Clinton Jurgens on rhythm guitar bring back those hallowed days of dual guitar domination on album. Léshem Petersen on vocals carries enough Modern Hard Rock harmony and edginess to please the younger generation(s), while still emitting an attitude that stirs up those Old School daze of yesteryear. A very impressive vocalist is Léshem, his ability to diverse vocally only strengthens and heightens the songs on Trial By Fire. Léshem also plays one lean and mean bass, which is a Hard Rockin’ asset.

It’s just a matter of time before Stonecollar becomes a recognizable force in the Hard Rock world. This is a band that has torn away from any leash holding them back… best to either get outta’ their way or sign onto their Hard Rockin’ charge towards success. I’m signing on, I know better.


Léshem Petersen – vocals & bass

Sean Tait – lead guitar

Clinton Jurgens – rhythm guitar

Bryan Nicol – drums

Trial By Fire – Track Listing:

Not For Good

Trial By Fire


Turn A Blind Eye

Poison The Well

Say Your Prayers

Unnatural Selection

…As the Crow Flies

Loose Cannon

Dying Breed

Recently STONECOLLAR signed a management deal with Headline Artists, joining their stable of successful rock bands across South Africa.

* For more info on STONECOLLAR, click on the link below:

STONECOLLAR – myspace music

STONECOLLAR – Official facebook



5 Responses to “STONECOLLAR – “Trial By Fire” Debut Album Is Ablaze! Two Tracks To Hear Right Now!”

  1. I have seen this band grow from high school garage gigs to a booked out club where they launched their debut CD. They do not get the recognition in South Africa that they deserve but the accolades received from Hard Rockers the world over bears testimony to the quality of this band that plays all their own music – no covers. STONECOLLAR truly rules and makes me as a South African truely proud!!

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Thanks for your Rockin’ input David! It’s difficult to fathom… that STONECOLLAR doesn’t get the recognition they deserve in their home country. (!)

      As you referred to “Hard Rockers the world over”… you are correct. Hard Rock and Metal is GLOBAL and fans will stand by their bands, regardless of how far away they may live! Let’s hope South Africa imports more bands like STONECOLLAR! 🙂

      Rock Steady \m/

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