Warren Haynes – Man In Motion: Five Reasons To Buy This Album

Warren Haynes – The second studio album from legendary guitarist and vocalist Warren Haynes was released on May 10th, 2011, on Stax Records. Rock, Southern Rock and the Blues have and always will be in the Rockin’ arsenal of Warren’s skillful guitar playing. Best known for his membership with The Allman Brothers Band and Gov’t Mule, Warren has a Rock and Roll resume that goes much deeper than that. Playing guitar at a young age for Country legend David Allan Coe and even appearing live, onstage, with the Dave Matthews Band are a part of this highly respected guitarist’s musical history.

I want to share with you, five reasons why you should buy this new Warren Haynes album, here they are:

1. It’s all about the guitar. Any guitar aficionado will salivate at the pureness that Warren Haynes so eloquently expresses with his playing. Longtime fans of Warren Haynes surely know what I mean.

2. Diversity. Warren Haynes plays his patented Southern Rock tones, still he turns over some bluesy and funky licks that makes Man In Motion a case study in Rock appreciation.

3. Vocal coolness. When I listen to Warren Haynes sing, it’s listening to a dude that believes in his lyrics and the song. Storytelling and singing straight from the heart are two attributes of Warren that too many young vocalists nowadays don’t grasp… or even know exists.

4. Classic Rock never surrenders. The steady vibe of Classic Rock never subsides throughout Man In Motion. The organ, clavinet and tenor saxophone adds the old school mystique, making me drift back to those less stressful and technologically less invasive days of yesteryear. Songwriting never sounded so comfortably gilded.

5. “The three C’s”. Completeness, Competency and Creativity. When I can listen to an entire album that is richly guitar based and still be lured into the dynamics of the other instruments and vocals equally, that’s completeness. The competency is Warren Haynes and his musicians surrounding him on Man In Motion. The creativity is making an album of retrospective songs sound so suitable in 2011.

One big added bonus is the harmonious way all ten songs coexist together on Man In Motion. I’ve listened to this album many times now. I recommend Man In Motion to fans of discerning Rock taste and to those fans who keep their beer cold down in the creek; it makes no difference, this album comes across too damn refreshing. Warren Haynes has found, no, created a lucrative listen, into the world of a guitarist and vocalist who plays and sings with an immediacy that comes straight from his Rock and Roll soul.

* For more info on WARREN HAYNES, click on the link below:

Warren Haynes – Official Website



4 Responses to “Warren Haynes – Man In Motion: Five Reasons To Buy This Album”

  1. rbtaleman Says:

    Great review. I have been a huge fan of Mr. Haynes since the first Govt Mule album and over the years have learned to appreciate his other works too. Having seen “the Mule” live several times there is no doubt in my mind that Warren epitomizes what a true musical artist is. Let’s hope others will follow in his footsteps.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      I couldn’t agree more with your thinking. There’s no bells or whistles with Warren Hayne’s music… just an honest approach that reflects brilliantly in his works… like you stated: “a true musical artist”.

      Thanks for visiting and the commentary!

      – Stone

  2. Very good review that reflects my opinion too!
    As I think I never listened WH before…
    Casually heard part of couple of songs.
    And now from the 1st chord of album I can’t stop to listen this music.
    Great Work of great Master!

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Thanks Serg! Yup, Warren Haynes seemed to “dial-in” on some very cool and contagious vibes with his new album… his voice and guitar takes you back, still it is relevant as heck.

      Thanks for the visit and your thoughts. 🙂

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