BEER CORPSE – “Keg Nuts” 7″: Roll Out Them Kegs O’ Beer, Cause It’s A Grindcore & Thrashcore Blitz!

BEER CORPSE – Released back on April 27th, 2011, on Give Praise Records, is the 7″ from the Grindcore/Thrashcore outfit that is known across the planet as: Beer Corpse. This grind’em and thrash’em band is from down under. Um, that’s Australia, for those of you who live in that remote cave in the god forsaken woods of Maine. Whoever said “Beer Corpse is Australian for Extreme Metal” should have a 50 foot statue made of them in Metal. Oh, I said that. Cool.

Beer Corpse don’t hold back on serving out the aggressively punishing riffs, beats and monstrously brutal vocals. On a rather serious Metal note here, if you are a fan of Grindcore and Thrashcore, then you are in for an all-out blitz of grinding, growling, gurgling, chugging, riffing and blast beatin’ swell o’ time with what Beer Corpse plays on Keg Nuts. Beer Corpse should also be embraced by hardcore Death Metal and Thrash Metal fans alike, with their unapologetic and quite impressive cross-over sound appeal.

To put Keg Nuts in a Metal nutshell, this is the 7″ you want to pull out and play F’n extremely loud when your prissy neighbors are having their annual family reunion in their backyard. Beer Corpse is THE Extreme Metal band to agitate and confuse the mainstream masses, while us fellow Metal minions of the damned shall raise this band upon our shoulders, as we march to F’n Metal victory… towards our glorious field of beer kegs.

KEG NUTS – Track Listing:

Side A:

Hanging Brain

Chunder Chops

Blood Brew

King Brown

Piss Head

Side B:

Rot Gut



Malt Shovel

Any Old How

* For more info on BEER CORPSE, click on the links below:



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