9 CHAMBERS – Debut S/T: Pump Up The Volume On This Hard Rock Stunner!

Greg Hampton (vocals, guitar & producer) and Ed Mundell (guitar) have joined Rockin’ forces to create 9 Chambers, recruiting Jorgen Carlsson (bass) and Vinny Appice (drums) to seal the deal on this Hard Rock titan of a band. These musicians have seemed to set aside their past accolades and industry status, while instead they ventured to use their Rockin’ talents like hungry musicians looking to make their mark for the very first time. This 9 Chambers debut is fourteen songs that are memorable and relevant, with quality and consistency being their Hard Rock standard.

I look upon this 9 Chambers album for its several strengths that it bestows: songwriting, lyrics, musicianship and the uncanny accomplishment of intertwining a wealth of sounds representing a palette of genres, from Stoner to Modern, which in turn all lends this album its strong and unique character. With that said, the one constant on 9 Chambers is it being a Hard Rock experienceBury Yourself has the psychedelic vibe happening with a hardened and modern edge. If you’re looking for a song to Rock your face off, this is the one. Can’t Turn Your Back is a mid-tempo Rocker that showcases 9 Chambers as a band that can deliver the Hard Rock goods on both a heavy and laid back level. A ballad with muscle is another way to describe this cool song.

My favorite song on this album is All But Done. I had to pick that one song that has absolutely Rocked my boring and rain-soaked world, rescuing me from a post Hurricane Irene syndrome. Greg’s vocals, coupled with the insane guitar chops and thumping rhythmic beats, so solidly accentuates the totality of coolness that All But Done resonates. It’s a thrill a second, while I listen to the duo guitars of Greg and Ed throughout this album. As they swap leads, riffs and solos, the Rockin’ vibes are felt from two guitarists that believe in the music they are playing and come across as believing in each other. Ed has obviously adapted to his post Monster Magnet life, capturing some axe slinging juju in a bottle and calling it his own.

I was impressed before on the multi-instrumental and vocal talents of Greg Hampton. His last band called The New Czars, released a Modern/Industrial Hard Rock statement I’ll forever admire known as Doomsday Revolution. This time around, I’m more impressed with what Greg Hampton has achieved on all levels, with his vocals sounding notably more confident (kick ass) and relaxed while fronting 9 Chambers. Greg is a singer that knows his limits, he has a classic voice that can adapt to the multi-genres of Rock that 9 Chambers taps into.

Greg vocally exhibits the skillful ability to carry a heavy song. Indeed The Sun is a shining moment for Greg vocally and I can’t resist getting psyched out while listening to this song. Indeed The Sun has everything going for it, with abundant guitar licks and a fired-up rhythm section as well. Harmonious and modern tones appear to come very natural for Greg and Use U Up exemplifies my point. Mid-paced and resonating with an AOR vibe, Use U Up can be a candidate for Rock radio in my Metal opinion. I’ll leave vocal comparisons aside, saying that as a vocalist on this album Greg has once again: reached up high and pulled the sun from the sky.

Vinny Appice is always a delight to listen to on drums. With Jorgen Carlsson on bass this is as accomplished a rhythm section as you’re going to hear in Hard Rock or Rock. Darker Side Of Sunshine accentuates the musical strengths that Vinny and Jorgen bring to 9 Chambers. A justifiably Heavy, Modern Rock song that jams so steadily along. It’s one of those songs I wish would carry on for twenty minutes, it’s that Rockin’ delicious. To create an album of Hard Rock songs and make it sound so incredibly complete is quite an admirable accomplishment of 9 Chambers. I give a Metal salute to the songwriting prowess of Greg and Ed, creating Hard Rock this damn cool is sincerely something else.

9 Chambers has successfully executed their Hard Rock edict with their debut album. Hard Rock fans of any generation should get into the Hard Rockin’ world of 9 Chambers now and escape away from the cut and paste albums that you may find coming at you. Classes for Hard Rock Appreciation 101 begins the moment you listen to this album. 9 Chambers is a Hard Rock album that I easily rank as one of the years best and hopefully the first of many more to come from this dynamic band.

I’ll ring that Metal bell, raise my fists to the air and blow an F’n kiss to the sky. Why?  For 9 Chambers is a band and album I can’t possibly deny. Metal be thy name.

9 Chambers releases on September 27th, 2011, on Samson Records/E1 Entertainment.

* Band photo credits: Rockframe Photography


Greg Hampton – vocals & guitar

Ed Mundell – guitar

Jorgen Carlsson – bass

Vinny Appice – drums

Left to right: Greg Hampton, Ed Mundell

9 CHAMBERS – Track Listing:

Life Moves On

Majick Number

One Thing Missing

Know Your Enemy

Whats It Gonna Get U

All But Done

Bury Yourself

Can’t Turn Your Back

Other Side Of Time

Indeed The Sun

Use U Up


No Escape

Darker Side Of Sunshine

* For more info on 9 CHAMBERS, click on the links below:

9 CHAMBERS – Official facebook


9 Chambers – Reverbnation



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