CORONATUS ‘Terra Incognita’ – 5 Reasons Why You Should Get Into This Gothic Metal Album

CORONATUS – One of the best albums I’ve listened to from 2011 is Terra Incognita from Germany’s Gothic Metal Band: Coronatus. This is a band and album that can’t be overlooked by any diverse Metal fan. I would love to see Coronatus become a huge favorite among the Metal masses in North America, their entire sound and attention to detail with their music is impressive and lures me in song after song. Below are five reasons why you should consider adding Terra Incognita to your list of must have albums.

Reason #1: Coronatus is a band that obviously loves music, period. This is a Metal band, only Coronatus knows how to create music. They cross over many Metal genres with Terra Incognita. Yes, this band and album will appeal highly to Gothic Metal fans, yet Melodic, Symphonic and Traditional Metal fans can easily hear many elements on Terra Incognita that they can surely embrace.

Reason #2: On Terra Incognita, everything comes together so fine. The keyboard arrangements and orchestration belongs with and compliments so well the melodic guitar parts and heavy riffs. The union of melodic and heavy just sounds and feels incredibly genuine throughout this entire album.

Reason #3: Mareike Makosch (Alto Voice) and Lady Ada Flechtner (Rock Soprano) could easily steal the show on Terra Incognita, if not for the masterful totality of musicianship that this band excels with. However, I find my ears absorbing the vocals of these two beautiful voices and being left nearly spellbound. This is an album that I listen to time and again and still hear something new consistently.

Reason #4: The European sound and vibe from Coronatus is infectious. Regardless if the song is sung in German (Fernes Land) or English (Dead Man’s Tale), the end result is a definitive listen into just how passionate these two female vocalists are about the song. This passion for song that I hear is a universal language all its own.

Reason #5: There is never a moment where I want to skip over a song on Terra Incognita. The cumulative listen brings about a mood that is epic and a vibe that is celebratory. The cool aspect of listening to a band such as Coronatus and their newest gem Terra Incognita, is that I know I will hear a presentation that is all importantly memorable. Standing out and being original are qualities that this band easily bestows and conveys musically on Terra Incognita.

Yes, I highly recommend Terra Incognita. Coronatus receives a well deserved Metal bravo from me and I stand by this Metal sentiment.

* Terra Incognita is the fourth studio album from Coronatus, released via Massacre Records on November 18th, 2011.

Watch and listen to Fernes Land below! 

TERRA INCOGNITA – Track Listing:

01. Saint Slayer

02. Fernes Land

03. A Dead Man‘s Tale

04. Sie Steh’n Am Weg

05. Vor der Schlacht

06. Hateful Affection

07. In Signo Crucis Trilogy I: Der Kleriker

08. In Signo Crucis Trilogy II: Das Zweite Gesicht

09. In Signo Crucis Trilogy III: In Signo Crucis

10. Der Letzte Freund

11. Traumzeit

12. Terra Incognita

* Digipak Bonus Tracks:

13. Mein Herz (Live At Roehre Stuttgart 2011)

14. Kristallklares Wasser (Live Version) [* Japanese Edition]

* For more info on CORONATUS, click on the links below:

CORONATUS – Official Website




3 Responses to “CORONATUS ‘Terra Incognita’ – 5 Reasons Why You Should Get Into This Gothic Metal Album”

  1. I’m impressed and you’re right. The fact that this song was in German did not make one iota of difference to me, it was a great song! Tumbs up from me

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