VAN HALEN ‘A Different Kind Of Truth’ – The Truth Is… This Album ROCKS!

VAN HALEN – As I pondered about what and how to write my review for A Different Kind Of Truth, these two realizations came over me: A. this album simply ROCKS and B. What can I possibly write that hasn’t already been written, debated and tossed around by countless other fans, bloggers, websites and the mainstream press? Whenever a titanic sized band releases a titanic “comeback” album, such as Van Halen has done, the Rock media world can get obviously flooded with album reviews and for good reason.

Having brothers Eddie and Alex Van Halen join Hard Rockin’ and Heavy Hittin’ forces with David Lee Roth once again, on a full-length album, a long-awaited return of this magnitude since the RIAA Diamond Certified – 1984, is something special for fans of this band, (myself included). This Rock historic reunion becomes extra special, due to this new studio album resonating such a vintage return to form for Van Halen. Whoa, this album ROCKS. Regardless of when any “parts” of any of the songs were written for A Different Kind Of Truth, I’m in the crowd that cares only if the songs were written by members of Van Halen… and not ABBA.

Did I mention that this new Van Halen album ROCKS? Anyhow, life is short and when authentic Hard Rock and Heavy Metal can be written and recorded by this iconic band of the Rock music world and delivered to their patient fans, (there hasn’t been a Van Halen studio album released in 14 years), then there is valid cause for Rockin’ jubilation. This is not a reunion of a band that released a lone chart topping album 25 years ago. Van Halen dominated arenas and stadiums then… and will still now. This is a reunion of a band that can easily boast as much “important” musical influence as the likes of “American” Rock historic legends KISS, Aerosmith and The Doors, (to name a few).

Diamond Dave’s hair may be a “tad” shorter in 2012 and legendary bassist Michael Anthony may be absent from this “classic” Van Halen lineup, only the successful result of 100% pure Hard Rock is in the 13 songs my ears and senses have consumed from A Different Kind Of Truth. I’m both ecstatic and impressed simultaneously by this band. My relief from the first several listens of A Different Kind Of Truth lies in the fact that this new Van Halen album is not a dud, that all four of these musicians took the “right road” and decided to keep their sound real and true. Van Halen didn’t have to reinvent themselves just due to it being 2012. By the way, this album ROCKS.

Now, if you’re looking for a return to 1984, you best keep looking. A Different Kind Of Truth is an album that fits in quite fittingly “somewhere” within the first four Van Halen releases… with Diver Down looking over this album’s shoulder. Van Hagar? Certainly a fabulous and memorable era imbedded in my Rockin’ soul. Gary Cherone fronted Van Halen? A unique moment in Van Halen history that (in my Metal opinion) receives too often unwarranted and negative commentary. It’s now 2012 and this is Classic Van Halen. The Return of Van Halen. Diamond Dave fronted Van Halen. The world just became a “tad” brighter for me, as I wrote that preceding line.

* For more info on VAN HALEN, click on the link below:

 VAN HALEN – Official Website

This Album ROCKS. Metal Be Thy Name. 


The word “tad” appears twice in this post.


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  2. […] VAN HALEN ‘A Different Kind Of Truth’ – The Truth Is… This Album ROCKS! […]

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