SOULFLY ‘ENSLAVED’ – Soulfly Has Raised Their Own Bar Of Metal Excellence

SOULFLY – The eighth studio album from Soulfly, Enslaved, was released on March 13, 2012, via Roadrunner Records. It’s a killer. With a “slave theme” throughout, just another dark side of mankind is brought to the Metal forefront by Max Cavalera and his band. If anyone out there needs to hear a legendary voice and musician of Metal… Max Cavalera is just that on Enslaved.

I was counting the days for this Soulfly release. I knew this album was going to resonate Metal in its heaviest form, with appreciative quality from world-class Metal musicians. As I listen to the vocals of Max Cavalera, the lyrics and brutal themes to the songs on Enslaved are magnified with an unparalleled realism. Whoa. Max has Soulfly at the top of the heaviest tier of Metal bands with this Enslaved release. There’s no doubt in my Metal mind about this.

One of my favorite tracks on Enslaved is Plata O Plomo. I cannot get enough of Soulfly’s Groove Metal and extreme rhythm stomp, courtesy of Tony Campos (bass) and David Kinkade (drums). Tony Campos also lends vocals on Plato O Plomo. The inclusion of a Flamenco guitar, during and at the conclusion of this song, gives it such a diverse touch that it’s insanely grand.


Soulfly solidifies their ever impressive Thrash capabilities with American Steel and it F’n scorches and shreds! Whoa. American Steel has left its Thrash mark on my Metal soul. The tempo of the second half of this song may slow down some, still, the intensity of the vibes that American Steel gives off are there to behold. Once again, Soulfly shows off their astute diversity for the song with Max playing the sitar as the coda.

I cannot express any louder or clearer, just how proficient of a guitarist Marc Rizzo is. Marc is a thrill to listen to and he belongs mentioned in the “best of class” when it comes to Metal guitarists… or any Rock guitarist for that matter. The tones of Marc’s guitar are surely showcased throughout Enslaved. On Treachery, Marc just let’s it all loose, proving his dynamical presence is indeed an asset to Soulfly.

Across the board on Enslaved, the Metal is not just great… the Metal is exceptional. As I’ve stated in the past, I listen to a great deal of Metal and I don’t bullshit around. Soulfly has raised their own bar of Metal excellence with Enslaved. This is an album that holds a very strong chance at being #1 on my best of list at year’s end. Metal be thy name.



Max Cavalera – vocals, 4-strings, soul, sitar, lyrical terrorism

Marc Rizzo – guitars, flamenco guitars

Tony Campos – bass, vocals on “Plata O Plomo”

David Kinkade – drums, percussion

Many ultra talented and world known vocalists and musicians appear as guests on Enslaved. Here they are:

Travis Ryan – additional vocals on “World Scum”

Dez Fafara – additional vocals on “Redemption Of Man By God”

Richie Cavalera – additional vocals on “Revengeance”

Igor Cavalera – additional vocals and guitar on “Revengeance”

Zyon Cavalera – drums on “Revengeance”


ENSLAVED – Track Listing:













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4 Responses to “SOULFLY ‘ENSLAVED’ – Soulfly Has Raised Their Own Bar Of Metal Excellence”

  1. atothewr Says:

    Digging that album cover.

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      Right? That ‘Enslaved’ album cover is… METAL. I wouldn’t want that contraption on my head though! LOL! \m/\m/

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