DEMON LUNG – Doom Metal Debut EP Pareidolia Is A Masterful Metal Listen

DEMON LUNG – From Las Vegas, Nevada, arrives DEMON LUNG. Yes, this Doom Metal band have arrived with their self-released debut EP: PAREIDOLIA. Led by vocalist Shanda Frederick, her captivating tones of doomed despair combine seamlessly with the molasses thick riffs and trudging rhythm that Demon Lung executes. Demon Lung plays their Doom Metal as if they’ve been around since the mid 70’s. Yes, Demon Lung plays that tight and are that admirably grim around the edges.

The more I listen to this four song debut EP, the more I wish it was a full-length of ten or twelve more songs. Yes, Demon Lung has sucked me into their Doom lined tunnel of sound and I am not looking for any damn place to hide. I want in. Demon Lung hasn’t gone out and tried to reinvent the Doom Metal wheel on Pareidolia. Instead, this band plays with a spirit of Doom that summons up all things splendid about this genre’s past, bringing a fresh sound to the Doom Metal present.

Crunchy, Doom inspired guitar, a ground shaking rhythm section, horror laced lyrics and Shanda on vocals. This is a recipe for future success in the world of Doom and Metal as a whole. Whoa. After several listen throughs of Pareidolia, I’m thinking I’ve been taken away to the center of the Earth, where only I know about Demon Lung and only I can celebrate with them… the sacred sound of Traditional Doom Metal.

As I come to my Metal senses here… please understand… Demon Lung is highly, highly recommended to all my fellow Metal and Doom Metal brethren. Two words of advice for your next Metal album purchase: DEMON LUNG. Metal be thy name.


You can purchase a physical copy of Pareidolia here:

Demon Lung have shared the stage with: High On Fire, Jucifer and… Pentagram.


Pareidolia – Track Listing:

Lament Code

Sour Ground

Death Mask



For more info on DEMON LUNG, click on the links below:




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