JOE WALSH “Analog Man” – Some Fun & Random Thoughts From Stone (Part One)

JOE WALSH – Yesterday I bought the new Joe Walsh CD, Analog Man (the CD/DVD Limited Deluxe Edition) and I’m quite chipper about it. This is the first solo album from Joe Walsh in two decades; I have found both the music and lyrics to be incredibly inspiring. I find it remarkably amazing, how one new album such as Analog Man can trigger so many thoughts about music and life! I’ve always felt that music can connect the dots and profoundly act as a universal language within our fast-paced world.

The Rock ‘N Roll thoughts have been pouring from my brain, since my picking up Analog Man and delving into its music, lyrics and bountiful liner notes. Therefore, I will be writing about my thoughts on Analog Man, from the lyrical content to my memories of hearing Joe Walsh on the radio as an innocent young lad in the seventies. My writings will be posted in parts, all being inspired from Analog Man.

This is a Joe Walsh – Analog Man custom sport metallic watch! Whoa. Do I own one? Nope.

Here Is Part One:

I’ve always been lured by the vocals, musicianship and songwriting of Joe Walsh. What’s “always” Stone? Well, it all started a long time ago, in a childhood far, far, away. I used to hear the song Walk Away from James Gang being played on the radio back in the 70’s and fell in love with it quite easily. I couldn’t get the lyrics or guitar out of my head! Did I actually know who Joe Walsh was back then? Of course I didn’t.

Onto the Eagles. I would hear Hotel California, Life In The Fast Lane and New Kid In Town on none other than… the radio. Onto the solo career of Joe Walsh and the radio airwaves consistently played Life’s Been Good. I was in 7th grade during 1978 and thought this song was damn good! All these songs I’ve mentioned remind me of going camping with my family back in those late 70’s. (Whoa). It’s due to the widespread campers playing their radios really loud all the time… it would be “battle of the Woolworth’s, Montgomery Ward (or Sears) cheap radios”. This was before the big (and expensive) “boom boxes” became popular.

Joe Walsh – But Seriously, Folks… (1978 – Asylum)

During 1976, 1977 and 1978, I still had no clue that Joe Walsh was a key figure involved in these (eventual) iconic songs. However, that all changed in 1979. Read on for more excitement…

When the Eagles released The Long Run, I was psyched-out by Heartache Tonight. Every kid in my class was psyched-out by this song back then. 1979 was a huge year for me; kissing a girl (or two) for the first time, getting chicken pox, missing my eighth grade graduation from Parochial school due to the chicken pox, going to the Dom Perno’s University Of Connecticut Summer Basketball Camp and receiving The Long Run (on vinyl) as a christmas present from my parents. Phew.

Uh… before I actually received The Long Run as a Christmas gift, well, um… I honestly thought Heartache Tonight was titled and sung as: Party Tonight. Red Forman, the father character from That 70’s Show would have said to me: “Stone, you’re a dumb ass.” As messed up as it sounds, my school friends and I would sing at the top of our lungs, during recess: “There’s gonna be a party tonight! A party tonight I know!” Back in ’79, we were all a bunch of dumb asses in that Parochial school playground.

I remember the album jacket  for The Long Run was a gatefold. I would stare at each member of The Eagles, as each song from this album played on my turntable. It got to the point where I actually thought each band member was staring back at me. (Whoa). My favorite song from The Long Run then and now? In The City. Guess what? After holding and staring at that gatefold album jacket of The Long Run and listening to In The City about 999 times on my $25 turntable and before the New Year of 1980 was ushered in, I finally knew who Joe Walsh really was. Metal be thy name!

In The City appears on The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for the 1979 film: The Warriors. I remember (finally) seeing this movie on HBO during the early 80’s. It’s a (violent) cult classic. I’ve never owned this soundtrack; I probably will buy it eventually, one day.

My Joe Walsh – Analog Man thoughts will continue… stay tuned!


Joe Walsh – Analog Man was released on June 5th, 2012, via Fantasy.

For more info on JOE WALSH, click on the link below!



8 Responses to “JOE WALSH “Analog Man” – Some Fun & Random Thoughts From Stone (Part One)”

  1. Cudos for showcasing the talents of Joe Walsh. Here’s yet another great rock musician who will probably forever be snubbed by the Rock Hall of Fame. As I will be wrapping up 1978 in the next few weeks and progressing to 79, I will be visiting The Eagles, “The Long Run” and “The Warriors” soundtrack.

  2. Walsh is a constant musical thread in my life, the sheer joy and funkiness of his playing, the humour of the man and his lyrics – I’m psyched that he has a new album out! One of my earliest memories from the 70’s was buying this:

    It was a series called ‘Plus 4’s’ on 12 inch vinyl and this one featured Rocky Mountain Way, Turn to Stone, Meadows, and Walk Away. These 4 track EP’s retailed at just 99pence!!! For a young penniless rock fan like me, that was heaven. Cool or what?

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  4. […] JOE WALSH “Analog Man” – Some Fun & Random Thoughts From Stone (Part One) […]

  5. […] JOE WALSH “Analog Man” – Some Fun & Random Thoughts From Stone (Part One) […]

  6. […] Anyway, I wasn’t overly impressed with the city itself, I imagine its ‘best face’ is the waterfront and port, but it’s undergoing something of a facelift at the moment and offers only green industrial sheeting, corrugated metal and barriers as opposed to broad avenues at the water’s edge. Now, I’d had some luck near to our apartment yesterday finding a Judas Priest album, and Santa Cruz proved to be a happy hunting ground also. I found another great little CD shop which yielded a great find: Joe Walsh’s latest ‘The Analog Man’ complete with bonus DVD, and only 6.50 euros! I’d been after this CD ever since Stone wrote a series of articles about it on Metal Odyssey. […]

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