JOE WALSH “Analog Man” – Some Fun & Random Thoughts From Stone (Part Six)

Joe Walsh saw his eleventh studio album, Analog Man, released back on June 5th, 2012. Since then, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this album’s songs from top to bottom; so much so, that I’ve written five Fun & Random Thoughts posts regarding this entertaining work. Now, you are reading the sixth such post!

Lyrically, Analog Man is filled with Joe’s real life experiences and Fishbone is one fine example. Fishbone is a funny song, only the story behind this song is not that humorous at all; at least to me it isn’t. Regardless, Joe Walsh has a unique way of turning a scary personal story into something “funny” to reflect upon. Joe Walsh explained the story behind this song in the liner notes of Analog Man. Here’s the story behind Fishbone, as I’ve kept it in fewest words as possible:

Joe’s wife had a fishbone (unfortunately) get stuck in her throat, while at a dinner party in Monte Carlo. She had to fly home to Los Angeles to have the fishbone removed from her throat. That poor woman. That’s scary stuff! I couldn’t imagine having any kind of bone getting stuck in my throat! Based on the lyrics of Fishbone, Joe’s wife obviously had a trying experience and eventual positive outcome. Thank God for that.


Fishbone can get nasty, fishbone ain’t your friend – Joe Walsh

Trust me, the lyrics to Fishbone are funny and still I wince while listening to them. I just feel so bad for Joe’s wife having to go through such a terrible ordeal with a fishbone getting stuck in her throat. If this song has taught me any lessons, it’s you can’t take life for granted. Nor can you take life too seriously; especially when an outcome to a frightening experience or event turns out well. I’m sure if the outcome to this story was (gasp) something worse, then Joe Walsh would never have written such a lyrically funny song about it. I would hope so, anyway.

Musically, Fishbone is classic Joe Walsh. Semi-funky and loaded with guitar licks that ooze out from every crevice is Fishbone. Throw in some electronic artfulness on vocals for a second or two and Fishbone is a hidden gem of a song on Analog Man.


Since we’re on the topic of Fishbone, here is a (topically related) album I’ve been reminded of:

Yes, that’s Fishbone’s seventh studio album titled: Still Stuck In Your Throat. This cool album was initially released in Europe, back in 2006. The Alt/Rock, Funk Metal and Ska Punk band known as… Fishbone. Whoever said the Rock Music world wasn’t intertwined in some mystical way should have their head examined for malfunction. Metal be thy name.


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