JOE WALSH – “Analog Man” – Some Fun & Random Thoughts From Stone (Part Four)

Joe Walsh celebrates his Rock ‘N Roll ties to Little Richard, through a long lost recording…

JOE WALSH – As I continue onward with my blabbing about Analog Man, the new studio album from the legendary Joe Walsh, I am finding myself getting more immersed in Rock ‘N Roll history once again. There’s so much more to Analog Man than just it containing 12 new songs from Joe Walsh. An autobiographical story is being told here by Joe Walsh and one key legend of Rock ‘N Roll is mentioned by him in the liner notes: Little Richard.

To me, Little Richard is synonymous with pioneering Rock ‘N Roll; an iconic figure and true ambassador of Rock ‘N Roll, to this very day. The reverence that Joe Walsh has for Little Richard is both a grand thing to read and realize; as he states his past and present association with Little Richard, within the liner notes of Analog Man, with admirable sincerity that obviously comes straight from his heart.

Little Richard also appears musically on Analog Man; Rockin’ on the piano with the James Gang as they were recorded live playing: But I Try. This historical Rock ‘N Roll moment took place sometime around 1970, at Cleveland Recording, in Cleveland, Ohio. The James Gang had played a couple of shows in the Midwest with Little Richard, at about this time. As Rock ‘N Roll surprises do happen, Joe Walsh had found this rare recording in an “old box of tapes” which makes this story all the more exciting to me. I can only imagine how many unreleased, fun and Rock historical songs that Joe Walsh may have stored away still!

But I Try is a retrospective snapshot into the Rockin’ world of the James Gang having a good time with Little Richard. This is a live song that spills over with it’s sincerity, while radiating a sound from a Rock ‘N Roll era that will forever be treasured and never duplicated. The lineup heard on But I Try is: Joe Walsh (guitar), Jimmy Fox (drums) and Dale Peters (bass), with of course, Little Richard. This version of But I Try will live on forever, since being rescued from “an old box of tapes”, courtesy of the legendary Joe Walsh.

Little Richard – The Very Best Of… (2008 – Specialty Records)

Thanks for visiting and reading Part Four of my fun & random thoughts on Analog Man. If you’ve missed out on Parts One thru Three, don’t panic! Just click on the three links below to read ’em! Metal be thy name.

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(Source: Analog Man liner notes)

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6 Responses to “JOE WALSH – “Analog Man” – Some Fun & Random Thoughts From Stone (Part Four)”

  1. Cool! I’d like to add to that ‘Long live Pete Townsend’ because on the CMT special Joe points out what a huge influence The Who’s axeslinger was on him – helping Joe understand the style of playing rhythm and lead at the same time, and surprisingly, singing. I shouldn’t be surprised really, you need to understand Townsend to do the huge job of filling the gaps in a power trio. Love the Little Richard story. It reminds me of one told to me by my mate Graham Oliver from Saxon…when they were recording back in the 80’s, Elton John was in the studio next door, and popped his head round the door, asking if he could join in….hell yeah!! He played on two Saxon tracks that day – ‘Northern Lady’ and ‘party til u puke’ – by all accounts he had a ball. He’s not credited due to contractual reasons probably – but if you check the songs out – you can hear him!

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      I appreciate your bringing up Pete Townsend and explaining his influence to Joe Walsh. I’ve always wondered, could Pete Townsend and for that matter, The Who, be considered as pioneers of Heavy Metal in both music and stage persona/antics? So often The Who are only referred to as Rock (early) and Hard Rock influences/legends. What’s your take on it all Kev?

      Whoa Kev! Now that’s some Saxon history that’s worth it’s weight in gold!! I love these behind the scenes stories of Rock history!

      I’m going to revisit those Saxon songs and listen more intently now… gooooood stuff! 🙂

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Rock & Roll History. Thanks for another lesson Mr. Stone! You indeed ROCK!

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      Thank you for the kind Rockin’ words and for visiting, it’s all very appreciated. \m/\m/

  3. […] JOE WALSH – “Analog Man” – Some Fun & Random Thoughts From Stone (Part Four) […]

  4. […] JOE WALSH – “Analog Man” – Some Fun & Random Thoughts From Stone (Part Four) […]

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