SPV / Steamhammer Signs A Worldwide Deal With NWOBHM Cult Act BATTLEAXE

Battleaxe - large classic logo - B&W

SPV / Steamhammer signs a worldwide deal with NWoBHM cult act BATTLEAXE. It is not only for a new studio album called “Heavy Metal Sanctuary” which is due in early 2014, it also include the deluxe re-releases of the classic metal albums “Burn This Town” (out in October 2013) and “Power From The Universe” (out late summer 2014) with new covers, extended booklets and lots of bonus material.

The current line-up consists of the original members Dave King (vocals) and Brian Smith (bass) as well as Mick Percy (guitar) and Paul Atkinson (drums).

Dave King and Brian Smith say about the signing: “We think speaking for the whole band that we are all elated to be joining the SPV family. A label with great worldwide distribution and also featuring some of our favourite bands. It is wonderful to have the opportunity to re-release our old classic albums again as well as introduce our fans to our new more powerful sound. After a long and hard struggle we have finally managed to complete our new album Heavy Metal Sanctuary which we know will delight our fans worldwide. We do not think it will disappoint in either the songs or the production, and we feel that although it sounds modern and 21st century, it is still classic Battleaxe! We thank all our loyal fans all over the world who encouraged us to reform (indeed some even demanded it), even though some of you were not even born when the original albums were first released. Now because of this new deal, we will be able to see many of you in 2014 on the European festival scene and possibly around the world. Finally of course many, many thanks to Olly Hahn and all the staff at SPV for making this dream come true! ”

Battleaxe - large classic logo - B&W

SPV/Steamhammer A&R Olly Hahn ads: “Sometimes you have to do something….and I did. As a child of the NWoBHM due to the lack of information’s you had to buy by the cover. In some cases the covers were good but the music average, in other cases the covers were not really good but the music was killer. This happened to me when I bought “Burn This Town”. The whole album, as well as the second one “Power From The Universe”, are classics for me and I know for many metal fans too. And I heard the new songs which are really strong and will surprise a lot of people. Yes, the band is ready to deliver…so are we!”


(Source: SPV / Steamhammer)

SPV - Steamhammer - Large Logo - 2013



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