FALLEN FATE – Announce New Album ‘Into The Black’

Fallen Fate - promo band pic - #669 - 2013

North East England’s purveyors of modern metal FALLEN FATE have announced an upcoming full album release. After storming the UK in 2011 with ‘The Virus Has Spread’ the band is back, has regrouped and is ready to utterly waste with new release ‘Into the Black’.

Recorded in part in Stymphalian Productions in York with producer James Stephenson and finished in vocalist Lee Skinner’s home studio, ‘Into the Black’ retains the Fallen Fate’s signature punishing heaviness but it’s also apparent that the band has moved on musically since ‘The Virus Has Spread’.

Comments Lee Skinner, ‘Dark, Expressive and Heavy…The sound and feel of Fallen Fate has changed quite a bit since the release of ‘The Virus Has Spread’. The band has progressed and developed a more solid metal sound while maintaining a unique mix of speed and heaviness in the music.’

Fallen Fate - Into The Dark - promo cover pic - 2013

INTO THE BLACK – Track Listing:

1. The Rise (Intro)

2. Blackened Within

3. Until The Final Hour

4. Into The Black

5. Possession

6. I Welcome The Dead

7. Rituals

8. Last Rites

9. The Demise (Intro)

10. Vespa

‘Based on a horror movie theme around a young girl called Vespa, the concept of ‘Into The Black’ plays a big part in how the album sounds and how it is visually portrayed through the artwork and upcoming videos. It contributed to the evolving sound of the band as we introduced more keyboards and experimental sounds into the mix, giving it a different dark feel and sound.’

Talking further about the concept of the album Skinner elaborates, ‘She [Vespa] chose a life without faith and over time became possessed by a demon. The demon slowly took over her body and ultimately lead her to kill herself and her family. The drive behind the concept is to empower the listener to decide whether she was possessed by the Devil, as she has no saviour in her life, or if she was possessed by God, punishing her for her lack of faith.’

The artwork designed by both Photographer Ian Cameron and Skinner through his own Black Venom Designs compliments the album’s running theme.

Supported by a release show in The Forum, Darlington, the album is set for release January 30th 2014.


(Source: Future PR)

* For more info on FALLEN FATE:


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