Massacre Records Announces The Signing Of GOD’S ARMY A.D.!

Gods Army A.D. - promo band pic - 2014 - #44009


John A.B.C. Smith – Vocals, Lead/Rhythm Guitars, Bass, Keys

Don Amiro – Lead/Rhythm Guitars, Vocals

Ian O’Sullivan – Lead/Rhythm Guitars, Vocals

Mark Cross – Drums


From Massacre Records:

Here’s an introduction to the band:

Former Gallow’s Pole singer and At Vance/Scanner bassist John A.B.C. Smith formed GOD’S ARMY A.D. in 2004 – back then under the name God’s Army. The band’s name was recently changed to GOD’S ARMY A.D. due to legal reasons.

Two of his long-time friends and both guitarists, Ian O’Sullivan and Don Amiro, soon joined forces with him and they started writing their first songs in late 2004. In May 2005, John met drummer Mark Cross and their musical interests and combined ideas were the final push for GOD’S ARMY A.D.

In 2006 GOD’S ARMY A.D. played some very successful concerts indeed, not only supporting acts like Paul Di’Anno and Mystic Prophecy, but also selling out their own shows. The band quickly won the hearts of metalheads, building up a true fan base – not only in Germany – over a very short period of time. In 2007, whilst recording their first record, the unexpected happened: Mark Cross was offered to play for the band Firewind and he took it.

The exit of Mark from the band didn’t mean the end of it but another twist of fate: Lead singer John A.B.C. Smith had a severe car accident. This in turn threw him out of the game for a while and only in 2012 he celebrated his “coming back to life”.

Without knowing where the path would lead, John A.B.C. Smith re-recorded all of the old GOD’S ARMY A.D. songs again as some kind of art therapy and they took on a new form. It made him realize that now was the right time: GODS ARMY A.D. is back!

You can already watch the video clip for the new song “Gods Must Be Crazy”, directed by Eddie Van Dahl, below:

The self-titled debut album by GOD’s ARMY A.D. is set to be released on May 23, 2014 via Massacre Records!


* For more info on GODS ARMY A.D.:

Massacre Records - large logo! Red:black:white

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2 Responses to “Massacre Records Announces The Signing Of GOD’S ARMY A.D.!”

  1. They definitely get a thumbs up from me. Would I be right in thinking that Massacre Records does for metal bands today what Combat records did for them back in the 80s?

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