Some Metal and Rock ‘N Roll Thoughts – Saturday, May 24th, 2014

Death - Individual Thought Patterns - promo cover pic

Hello my fellow Metal brethren and Rockaholics! It is Saturday morning on May 24th, 2014. In another month from now, the year will be nearly half over! Whoa! Today in Southwestern Ohio it is sunny with a most fantastic blue sky, along with a current temperature of 68°F. When it comes to weather, it just doesn’t get more comfortable than that! However, the humidity will settle in later today and I will surely sweat like a stranded hippo on a Florida highway, by late afternoon. Whoa.

Biohazard - classic band logo - 2014 - #1011

I fell into a whiz-bang trade yesterday that landed me 6 cassettes from yesteryear. Man, we are talking about Death, Morbid Angel, Biohazard and GWAR, when it comes to these (kinda rare) cassettes! All 6 are in super-duper condition too! Yes, those classic cassettes of our Metal heroes are rising in value and becoming more collectable by the week!

The Death cassette I landed is the incredible 1993 release: Individual Thought Patterns. I’ll post a quick story about this trade, with an accompanying photo in the coming days. Whoa!


My 2000 Ford Taurus is currently sitting idle at my local mechanics shop. That sucks so badly. Apparently, it needs a sensor that triggers some gadget to tell the fuel pump what to do; or something like that. This stinking “sensor” is not available as an “after-market” product; thus the mechanic and I are waiting on the dumb-dumbs at some Ford auto parts warehouse to send the sensor we need asap. This sensor is on backorder; thus I don’t know when I’ll have my car back. Trust me, the car won’t go farther than 20 yards without this ridiculous and necessary part. In the meantime, my wife and I are sharing her car. Yay!!

Whitesnake - classic logo!

Wouldn’t it be sweet if Adrian Vandenberg was to return to Whitesnake, replacing Doug Aldrich? Man, I wish Doug didn’t have to leave Whitesnake, cause he paired up with David Coverdale to write some amazingly memorable songs on their last 2 studio albums. Regardless, Doug Aldrich has a soaring music career happening and Burning Rain is a fine example of that notion.


That’s all I have to say, really. I could write another 5,000 words, however, would you really want to read it? I will be reviewing some killer Death Metal albums in the coming days, stay tuned my Deathaholics! Yes, I will review some new Hard Rock releases from 2014 as well. I have been listening to the  music more than writing about it, lately! It’s all freaking good. Metal be thy name. – Stone


Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small




5 Responses to “Some Metal and Rock ‘N Roll Thoughts – Saturday, May 24th, 2014”

  1. Bring on the reviews! That is a shame about Doug leaving Whitesnake, I enjoyed the last 2 albums as well. I’d vote for John Sykes to return over Vandenberg though… but that’ll never happen!

    • Yes, John Sykes reuniting with David Coverdale would be HUGE… and… it’s just like you’ve said. AAAHHHH! :O

      I guess when it comes to the family tree of Whitesnake, it’s: the more things change, the more they stay the same. LOL!!

      Yup, I’m gonna roll-out some album reviews, Metal Buddy! I appreciate your cheering me on for them too 🙂

      Keep on Rockin’ with NO sign of stoppin’! \m/\m/

      • Definitely want to read some Death Metal reviews. It’s one subgenre that I find a bit difficult. Every year I get a little more into it, band by band… but I’m always looking for pointers.

        Actually I’ve just realised Jimmy Page was complaining about wanting to go out on the road. Maybe he should hook up with Cov again? I’d be up for that!

        Don’t stop defending the faith Metal buddy and I hope you’re having a rocking weekend. \mm/

        • Thanks Metal Buddy! Man, I just recently pulled that Coverdale Page CD out of the batch! LOL! I gave it to my daughter cause she is BIG time into Led Zep right now 🙂

          I’d love to see Jimmy Page join up with David Coverdale in Whitesnake, just so I could read the (potentially) nasty comments from Robert Plant! With that said, Jimmy Page and David Coverdale really NEED to collaborate again, none of us are getting any younger!

          LOL!! \m/\m/

          • It would be absolutely worth it to see what Plants reaction would be! I think it would be hilarious. I loved that Cov/Page album when it came out and it has got better with age. I still listen to that one a lot (more than Led Zeppelin actually!)

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