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Wanna See My EXODUS ‘Objection Overruled’ Sealed Cassette Single? Take A look…

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About eight years ago or so, I bought this EXODUS cassette single at a thrift store for fifty cents. Fifty cents!! It’s still sealed too! I wanted to keep it as an EXODUS collectible, you know? The A side is ‘Objection Overruled’ – the single from their 1990 studio album ‘Impact Is Imminent’.

The B side is a (never before released) cover song of the legendary Ted Nugent’s ‘Free For All’. I don’t recall this cover song ever making it to a future EXODUS album; thus this cassette single is the only way one can own it on a physical format, unless vinyl or CD single versions were released as well?

I really dig these cassette singles from the past and I have a few more to show and tell in the future. Thank you for visiting Metal Odyssey and Metal Forever. – Stone

This cassette single was released on Capitol Records.

EXODUS Line-up On ‘Impact Is Imminent’:   

Steve “Zetro” Souza – vocals, Gary Holt – guitars, Rick Hunolt – guitars, Rob McKillop – bass, John Tempesta – drums




Tridroid Records Announces Massive News: Marduk, Voivod And Others To Be Released On Cassette!

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Tridroid Records - Large Logo - B&W - #04007

From Tridroid Records:

We are extremely happy to announce that we have made an arrangement with Century Media records to release the following albums on cassette:

Gorguts – From Wisdom to Hate

Marduk – Dark Endless

Morbus Chron – Sweven

Voivod – Target Earth

Unleashed – Sword Allegiance

All releases will be available in time for Cassette Store Day on Sept 27 2014. Pre-orders for all albums are currently available for $7 at the Tridroid Records Bandcamp page here:


Tridroid Records Facebook

Tridroid RecordsTwitter

Tridroid Records Bandcamp


Dewar PR Twitter

Dewar PR Blog

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Some Metal and Rock ‘N Roll Thoughts – Saturday, May 24th, 2014

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Death - Individual Thought Patterns - promo cover pic

Hello my fellow Metal brethren and Rockaholics! It is Saturday morning on May 24th, 2014. In another month from now, the year will be nearly half over! Whoa! Today in Southwestern Ohio it is sunny with a most fantastic blue sky, along with a current temperature of 68°F. When it comes to weather, it just doesn’t get more comfortable than that! However, the humidity will settle in later today and I will surely sweat like a stranded hippo on a Florida highway, by late afternoon. Whoa.

Biohazard - classic band logo - 2014 - #1011

I fell into a whiz-bang trade yesterday that landed me 6 cassettes from yesteryear. Man, we are talking about Death, Morbid Angel, Biohazard and GWAR, when it comes to these (kinda rare) cassettes! All 6 are in super-duper condition too! Yes, those classic cassettes of our Metal heroes are rising in value and becoming more collectable by the week!

The Death cassette I landed is the incredible 1993 release: Individual Thought Patterns. I’ll post a quick story about this trade, with an accompanying photo in the coming days. Whoa!


My 2000 Ford Taurus is currently sitting idle at my local mechanics shop. That sucks so badly. Apparently, it needs a sensor that triggers some gadget to tell the fuel pump what to do; or something like that. This stinking “sensor” is not available as an “after-market” product; thus the mechanic and I are waiting on the dumb-dumbs at some Ford auto parts warehouse to send the sensor we need asap. This sensor is on backorder; thus I don’t know when I’ll have my car back. Trust me, the car won’t go farther than 20 yards without this ridiculous and necessary part. In the meantime, my wife and I are sharing her car. Yay!!

Whitesnake - classic logo!

Wouldn’t it be sweet if Adrian Vandenberg was to return to Whitesnake, replacing Doug Aldrich? Man, I wish Doug didn’t have to leave Whitesnake, cause he paired up with David Coverdale to write some amazingly memorable songs on their last 2 studio albums. Regardless, Doug Aldrich has a soaring music career happening and Burning Rain is a fine example of that notion.


That’s all I have to say, really. I could write another 5,000 words, however, would you really want to read it? I will be reviewing some killer Death Metal albums in the coming days, stay tuned my Deathaholics! Yes, I will review some new Hard Rock releases from 2014 as well. I have been listening to the  music more than writing about it, lately! It’s all freaking good. Metal be thy name. – Stone


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DISMEMBERMENT – Cassette Tapes “Embrace The Dark” And “Denied Salvation” Officially Released

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Dismemberment - band logo - B&W - 2014

From tridroid records:

The moment you’ve been waiting for is here: “Embrace the Dark” and “Denied Salvation” are now officially released on cassette!

 Originally released in 2012, “Denied Salvation” created a HUGE buzz for the band in their local Ohio scene.

Dismemberment - Denied Salvation - promo cover pic - 2014

The EP was hailed as “fucking excellent” by Forbidden Magazine and cemented their status as a band to watch. Preview and order the album here.

“Embrace the Dark” is the band’s latest album and we are happy that we’ve been able to release the cassette version prior to the official CD release on April 29th 2014. You can preview and order the album here.

Dismemberment - Embrace The Dark - promo cover pic - 2014

* For more info on DISMEMBERMENT:


Tridroid Records - Large Logo - B&W - #04007

Tridroid Records Bandcamp

Tridroid Records Facebook

Tridroid Records Twitter

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Heavy Metal cassettes are still useful to me

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MetalOdysseyYou know something… I am sick and tired of the throw away mentality that surfaces about, in regards to the media in which we listen to music. Turntables are still being sold and so are cassette tape decks. I can understand if younger generations are not at all interested in vinyl records, cassette tapes or (gulp) – 8-track tapes. The younger dudes did not have record or tape collections to replace with CD’s… a very costly endeavor at that, which can take a lifetime to rebuild with CD’s, depending on how large your music collection wasHowever, in the last three years alone, I have purchased two “brand new” combination stereo systems for my daughters and guess what? Both of these combination stereos have built-in cassette decks!! Both stereos were purchased at Target, a major upscale department store that is supposedly in the know – on the cutting edge of having the latest home electronics technology! So, if cassette tapes are supposed to be so archaic, so outdated and symbolic of poor taste in music listening enjoyment, then why are they still being manufactured? To pacify us older dudes who have still hung on to our cassette collections? Out of sympathy for us nostalgic Metalheads?

My number one music genre, is of course, Heavy Metal and all related Heavy and Extreme Music genres. With that appreciation I have for my music, I still covet the Heavy Metal cassettes that I, to this very day… hunt down and find at thrift stores and yard sales. Hey, I have the means to still play them! As a bonus for me… my model year 2000 Ford Tauras has a built-in… you guessed it… cassette deck! Therefore, I am not wasting my loot when I purchase these Heavy Metal cassettes from yesteryear. No matter what thrift store I frequent, the standard price for each cassette tape is only fifty cents. Fifty cents!! C’mon, let’s be real, that is nothing compared to the sticker prices for the newly released, Heavy Metal CD’s you find today. My recent CD purchases, of the newest releases of Metal bands, have ranged in price from $9.99 upwards to $17.99… and we are not talking about any one of them being a double CD either! These CD prices will never thwart my addiction to Heavy Metal and frequent purchasing. The point I am making is simple… for fifty cents, I am still getting the same enjoyment from the music I listen to, albeit the sound quality of a CD versus the cassette tape equates to the CD wins. (I will not argue about the sound quality)

There are dozens of Heavy Metal cassettes that I find that are currently not available on CD. The cassettes I buy must have the original liner notes intact, in near mint to mint condition. Take my word for it, these liner notes are a piece of Heavy Metal nostalgia for the respective band on the cassette… I still get a kick out of reading the cool liner notes that have full lyrics and interesting credits. You would be surprised at what one may learn from reading the liner notes of these old cassettes… especially the ones that are currently not available on CD. I have posted in the past, the last laugh the turntable and record albums are currently having on the music marketplace… it is the Heavy Metal cassette tape that is silently having the last laugh as well.

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