HAMMERFALL – ‘(r)Evolution’ Cover Art, Track Listing And Release Dates Revealed

Hammerfall - rEvolution - promo cover pic - 2014

It’s time for (r)Evolution!

And that’s why Hammerfall’s new album will be released on August 29 (Sweden: 27.08., UK: 01.09., USA: 02.09.) via Nuclear Blast!

On July 18, 2014 the hymn-like ‘Bushido’ will be released as the first single track – digitally as well as on vinyl. The song sums up the band and its history perfectly, as in Japanese bushido means “the way of the warrior”.

Here’s the album’s track list:

1. Hector’s Hymn
2. (r)Evolution
3. Bushido
4. Live Life Loud
5. Ex Inferis
6. We Won’t Back Down
7. Winter Is Coming
8. Origins
9. Tainted Metal
10. Evil Incarnate
11. Wildfire



Joacim Cans – Vocals
Oscar Dronjak – Guitar & backing vocals
Pontus Norgren – Guitar & backing vocals
Fredrik Larsson – Bass guitar & backing vocals
Anders Johansson – Drums


(Source: Nuclear Blast Europe)

Nuclear Blast Europe - logo - 2013



* For more info on HAMMERFALL:

Facebook: Hammerfall

Website: www.hammerfall.net

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One Response to “HAMMERFALL – ‘(r)Evolution’ Cover Art, Track Listing And Release Dates Revealed”

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