SYLVATICA Album Debut “Evil Seeds” Releasing July 1st – Melodic Death Metal From Denmark

Sylvatica - Evil Seeds - promo cover pic - 2014

SYLVATICA – On July 1st, Denmark’s Melodic Death Metal warriors, SYLVATICA, will be releasing their debut/self-financed album: Evil Seeds. This feature post will introduce you to SYLVATICA and give you a taste of their killer Metal sound as well (see below). Make sure to click on the web-links for SYLVATICA (at bottom of post) to learn more about this fabulous Metal band! Support SYLVATICA and Metal be thy name. – Stone


EVIL SEEDS – Track Listing:

01. Lost
02. Psychopatica
03. Winds Of Decay
04. The Ascension
05. Evil Seeds
06. God Of The Gallows
07. Hate Quest
08. Lucifer
09. Reanimated
10. The Sludge Soup
11. Sect Of Sleep

Get Your Metal Senses Scorched From Evil Seeds, Below! Metal Be Thy Name!

SYLVATICA – Band Biography:

SYLVATICA started as a folkish Black Metal project in the year 2009 by friends Pelle Buch and Rasmus Kaibe, who, while listening to Svartsot, in a drunken haze decided that they wanted to start a Folk Metal band. Realizing that none of them could play flute and they needed a guitarist, they called Jardén Schlesinger the same night and he was added to the “line-up”… after that the flute was scrapped.

The first SYLVATICA release was the song Mjölner og Mjöd, which quickly became a local hit in their hometown Nyborg, even though it was very poorly recorded and mixed, by Kaibes bigger brother, they started getting a name for themselves, and after a couple of line-up changes, SYLVATICA recorded their first EP / demo Sagn og Sagaer in late 2010 with the new line-up, consisting of Jardén Schlesinger and Jannik Ravn on guitars, Thomas Haxen, replacing Kaibe, on bass and Pelle Buch on drums. This release earned the band live jobs with Vanir and Svartsot.

Sylvatica - band logo - B&W - 2014 - #100

After a couple of months, the band decided in the summer of 2011 to record a new EP / demo called Mosemanden, but this time without Jannik, who decided to leave the band. For the promotional live shows after the recording, the band took in guitarist Thor Stokholm, who filled in for Jannik for a few shows untill they found a permanent replacement in Martin Hamann, who joined the band just before the Mjød og Mædl tour in 2011. After 2012 Martin Hamann was no longer a part of SYLVATICA.

Having toured all of Denmark in 2011 and 2012, the band has now gradually upgraded itself from a spare-time hobby to a fully fledged band, looked for a label to support its debut album, which ended in a self-financed release situation.

The band has, however, not stepped back in regards to live performances, still actively playing concerts whenever possible, the band is both playing nationally and abroad, if possible. So keep your eyes open, SYLVATICA might just one day bring the swamps to your doorstep, and deliver a show you won’t soon forget.

Sylvatica - band promo pic - 2014 - #9959


Jardén Schlesinger – Guitars and Vocals
Thomas Haxen – Bass
Pelle Buch – Drums
(Richardt Olsen – Live guitars)



* For more info on SYLVATICA:




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