NAPALM DEATH – Photo Gallery From Concert At Bogart’s In Cincinnati, Ohio – November 11, 2021

L to R: Shane Embury on bass, vocalist Barney Greenway

Yup. Napalm Death. Grindcore pioneers. When it comes to Extreme Metal it doesn’t truly get any more extreme. Napalm Death opened for the prolific GWAR, back on November 11th, at Bogart’s in Cincinnati Ohio. It was an evening that made me feel like the world was okay even though it’s not.

My good buddy Troy accompanied me to this wonderful event and the two of us felt very much at home with all of the beautiful insanity around us. Whatever was going on outside the walls of Bogart’s on this night I could’ve given two shits about. Napalm Death was live onstage!

It wasn’t that easy taking photos of Napalm Death. First and foremost, I was on the threshold of the pit and even outside the pit bodies were being tossed about like sacks of potatoes. Using my iPhone for these photos while trying not to get injured was actually fun, in its own demented way.

I was able to catch a couple of photos (above and below) showing drummer Danny Herrera. No, it wasn’t easy to do.

If you’re looking for a set list here, no can do. I survived just 3 songs in the pit and the rest of the time I was thrashing about like a lunatic stepping on fire hot legos. Song titles were not of my concern that night; throwing down was. At my age, I feel very fortunate I was able to throw down at all.

I’m pleased I’ve been able to share these Napalm Death photos and thoughts with you! My passion for Metal was double downed on November 11th, while at this show. Stay safe out there and… Metal be thy name! – Stone


9 Responses to “NAPALM DEATH – Photo Gallery From Concert At Bogart’s In Cincinnati, Ohio – November 11, 2021”

  1. Kudos for risking your health to get some great pics.

  2. gives the setlist for that date like so:

    Unchallenged Hate
    Fuck the Factoid
    Backlash Just Because
    Lucid Fairytale
    Everyday Pox
    Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism
    On the Brink of Extinction
    You Suffer
    Smash a Single Digit
    Nazi Punks Fuck Off (Dead Kennedys cover)
    Suffer the Children
    Unfit Earth

  3. Also, very cool you got to see them in concert, I imagine it’s the best possible way to get them in your ears! Excellent photos too!

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