CRYSTAL VIPER – Releases Lyric Video For KING DIAMOND Cover “Welcome Home”, Feat. Andy La Rocque

Polish female fronted Heavy Metal act CRYSTAL VIPER published a lyric video for KING DIAMOND cover “Welcome Home”. The song was recorded with a special guest, guitarist of the KING DIAMOND band, Andy La Rocque, and was released as a bonus track on the latest CRYSTAL VIPER studio album “The Cult”.


“I love KING DIAMOND, his songwriting had and still has a huge impact on me. He’s an amazing vocalist and performer. We’re also friends with Andy La Rocque, who actually co-produced one of our earlier albums” says CRYSTAL VIPER front woman, Marta Gabriel. “When we decided to record this cover, we thought it would be cool to invite him to join us, and he agreed, that’s a huge, huge honor! We received an amazing feedback, lot of fans seems to really like our version, so although it came out a few months ago, we decided to revisit it, and do this lyric video” she adds.

CRYSTAL VIPER recently also announced release of a special new “long-mini-album” entitled “The Last Axeman” (with a playing time of almost 40 minutes), which will come out on March 25, on Listenable Records. It will include 8 songs, out of which 7 will be exclusive and available on this release only. These include a remake of the early song “The Last Axeman”, brand new song “In The Haunted Chapel”, ARIA cover “Ulitsa Roz” and 4 songs recorded “live in studio” as part of the #RockOutSessions series. 8th song, which is a bonus track, is CRYSTAL VIPER’s version of the classic DIAMOND HEAD song, “It’s Electric”.

#RockOutSessions live in studio was also released on youtube on the Listenable channel – watch HERE . CRYSTAL VIPER are genuinely passionate about Heavy Metal and represent the Metal Nation!

“The Last Axeman” is set to be released on March 25th, 2022.

1 The Last Axeman 03:49
2 In The Haunted Chapel 04:21
3 Ulitsa Roz (ARIA cover) 05:49
4 It’s Electric (DIAMOND HEAD cover) 03:36
5 The Cult (RockOutSessions) 04:38
6 Asenath Waite (RockOutSessions) 04:45
7 Whispers From Beyond (RockOutSessions) 4:48
8 Flaring Madness (RockOutSessions) 05:04

The Curse of Crystal Viper (Album – 2007)
Metal Nation ( Album – 2009)
Legends ( Album – 2010)
Crimen Excepta ( Album – 2012)
Possession ( Album – 2013)
Queen of the Witches ( Album – 2017)
Tales of Fire and Ice ( Album – 2019)
The Cult ( LISTENABLE Album – 2021)
The Last Axeman (LISTENABLE Album- 2022)

Marta Gabriel – vocals, guitars
Andy Wave – guitars
Eric Juris – guitars
Blaze Grygiel – bass
Cederick Forsberg – drums


Source: Listenable Records


5 Responses to “CRYSTAL VIPER – Releases Lyric Video For KING DIAMOND Cover “Welcome Home”, Feat. Andy La Rocque”

  1. Marta looks rather scary but she can sing and the band behind her can play. Full marks.

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