NO TIN GODZ – To Release New Album

Heavy rockers NO TIN GODZ will release their self-titled EP on April 8, 2022.

The trio are a powerhouse of groove rhythms, soaring melodies and distortion. From “I Walk Alone” to “Hell Yeah” their energy never falters. Forging a full sound drawing influences from traditional metal such as BLACK SABBATH, to the heavy of ROB ZOMBIE, and melodic style of GHOST, NO TIN GODZ deliver a heavy modern twist with a rock ‘n’ roll edge.

The epic impact of the intro riff in “I Walk Alone” establishes the hard-hitting intensity NO TIN GODZ produce. Melodic commanding vocals and intricate guitar leads, along with rhythmic experimentation, show the clever manipulation of dynamics across the tracks which cultivate charismatic moods. “We Are Zombies” combines NO TIN GODZ energy with a darker atmosphere. While “Just Before Dawn” ventures into a greater focus of guitar riffs and licks, with a raw sentiment portrayed through the chorus.

NO TIN GODZ’s unyielding spirit storms through the album. Exposing all sides of the human condition with great enthusiasm, the new EP is a model of pure, high voltage heavy metal.

Watch the video for the album’s first single “I Walk Alone” here:

Lennis Hayes – Bass and Lead Vocals
Paul Kennedy – Drums and vocals
Mike Bartodziej – Guitar and Vocals


Source: C Squared Music


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