TABAHI – Thrash Metal Band From Pakistan Releases New Single “Politricks” – New Music Video Streaming Now!

TABAHI is a Thrash Metal band from Karachi, Pakistan. A city is known as the most violent in Pakistan, and among the world’s most dangerous. A perfect breeding ground for quality thrash metal. TABAHI, takes its cues from 80’s German thrash bands such as Destruction and Kreator, armed with some classic pre-86 Bay Area ideas.

With stingy vocals and claustrophobic riffs, the music will take you right into the heart of Pakistan’s most dangerous city with a pure thrash assault that numbs the brain. After an 8 year hiatus, TABAHI returns; being both a pioneer of thrash metal in Pakistan and their country’s only thrash metal band.

Watch and listen to their new music video for new single Politricks below. A damn good song and worthy of many listens on any metalhead’s playlist. Crank it up you metal muthas!!



One Response to “TABAHI – Thrash Metal Band From Pakistan Releases New Single “Politricks” – New Music Video Streaming Now!”

  1. Excellent! Further proof that heavy metal can rule the world. I am always interested in metal bands from the Middle East. A few years ago, I posted about an all female metal band from Lebanon called Slave to Sirens. You should check them out.

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