RESIDUAL SELF – To Release Single “Witches”

Heavy trio RESIDUAL SELF are conjuring a melting pot of heavy sounds in their new single “Witches”. Spellbinding solos, dynamic groove rhythms and devilish harsh vocals blend together in this enchanting release. The offering “Witches” will manifest on September 16th.

The band comments: 

“RESIDUAL SELF created this song for the events 330 years ago taking place in Salem, Massachusetts. With the lyrical themes of revenge and retribution, the witches have returned, along with their magick. In New England, where RESIDUAL SELF is based, there is a huge jam band scene that both Rex and David have experience playing in. This song “Witches” draws on both our background experience, and our location close to Salem. It is the lengthiest song we’ve made so far with multiple guitar solos from Josh. This is our answer to a jam style song, but bringing the hard and heavy style RESIDUAL SELF is known for.”

“Witches” written by Rex Mazza

Initially created as a solo project by Rex Mazza, RESIDUAL SELF soon grew into a three-piece and the outfit signed with Sliptrick Records in 2020 to release their first full length album Revenge. The single “Witches” is a concoction blending their heavier aggressive sound with the jam style. This is achieved by the band through the grunts and growls of Rex, Josh’s multiple lengthy guitar solos, and David’s prowess that keeps the steady drum groove going. With their stark sounds and somber lyrical themes based on lustful intent, greedy resolve, and wrathful decisions, RESIDUAL SELF aims to awaken the true primal nature and strike one’s soul to the bone, unveiling who you truly are; a monster? a devil? or something more?

Become bewitched and entranced by the compelling rhythms of RESIDUAL SELF‘s heavy sound. Experience the folly and charm of their magic, but beware the devilry and dark side to their craft.

Rex Mazza – Bass/Vocals
Joshua Spaulding – Guitar
David Sasso – Drums


Source: C Squared Music

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