Some CDs I’ve Bought So Far This Year – April 11, 2023

Yngwie Malmsteen – Parabellum (2021)

Over the last several years I have sold many CDs that I no longer listen to and were just taking up space. It’s all about managing the physical space that I have. No regrets and the money I made was useful.

However, once a collector always a collector! Since January of this year, I have steadily purchased new CDs to add to my collection. Here are a handful of the CDs I’ve purchased this far in 2023. Please feel free to comment on mine and your CD buys.

SINISTER Aggressive Measures – (1998) – Legendary Death Metal from the Netherlands

I LOVE DEATH METAL!! With that said, SINISTER was a must purchase. I never owned SLAYER LIVE UNDEAD on CD, crazy as that sounds. I did own it on cassette and had it for decades. Anything MISFITS and take my money! The first ever JERRY ONLY solo album really, really ROCKS!! Holy shit, it ROCKS!!

I haven’t kept up with buying all of the Yngwie Malmsteen releases over the decades. There are so many too. So I decided to buy the Yngwie Malmsteen CD box set to re-energize my loyalty to his mind bending guitar virtuosity. Man, back in the 1980’s Yngwie was my ultimate Metal hero. Metal Be Thy Name – Stone


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