METALLICA ‘72 Seasons’ – I Bought My CD Copy At Midnight On April 14th!

Yes, I bought the CD version of Metallica’s 72 Seasons at midnight! Thank God for Catacomb Records in Kettering, Ohio! Tim (the owner) had a listening party for 72 Seasons with complimentary pizza and pop. Is that Metal or what!? Thus when the clock struck midnight, I was buying!!

I was so excited to get this new Metallica CD that I freaking forgot to put it into the car CD player! WTF!! I had my wife’s car; my ancient car only plays cassette. Still, I’m grateful. Tim at Catacomb Records also had a free litho of the 72 Seasons album cover along with a pack of 3 72 Seasons guitar pics! I’ll post the pics of those later cuz I’m half asleep doing this post right now.

I love Metallica. Forever.

Here are some pics of Catacomb Records:

Old school and current Metal selection at Catacomb Records here is AMAZING!!
Being inside Catacomb Records is like transporting back to 1982. No shit.
Check out the pizza boxes! Yeah!
Tim has all the Metal details at his store. Skulls are forever Metal!

12 Responses to “METALLICA ‘72 Seasons’ – I Bought My CD Copy At Midnight On April 14th!”

  1. NICE

    I decided to skip this Metallica because I never play the last 2 Metallica and money is tight.

  2. Great pics and this album is on my birthday request list for June.

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