NEMOPHILA – Release “Rise” Video

Photo credit: Michael Nambu

April, 2023, TOKYO – Nemophila, the all-female Japanese band whose cover of Iron Maiden’s “The Trooper” went viral, racking up over 3 million views, and was followed by one of the most talked about live debuts at Aftershock 2022, have released a new single, and video: “Rise” (

The band recently wrapped up a brief U.S. tour, including a stop at SXSW.

Guitar Girl Magazine described the quintet as “one of the most thrilling metal bands in Japan,” Distorted Sound said their music is “a reminder of just how fun heavy metal can be,” and Glasse Factory, commenting on their riveting Aftershock performance, noted “they nodded to metal legends with their styling and offered a refreshing take on their own unique blend… the excitement was tangible and radiated through the crowds as they all leaned in to watch the rising rock stars.”

Nemophila formed in 2019, playing their first live show in August of the same year, supporting Loudness and Hammerfall at Tokyo’s Metal Weekend 2019. The band have released two albums: Seize The Fate (2022) and Revive (2021). Nemophila is Mayu (vocals), Saki (guitar), Hazuki (guitar), Haraguchisan – (bass) and Tamu Murata (drums).

Source: Speakeasy PR


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  1. These ladies rock!

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