Thin Lizzy “Still Dangerous” reminds me Metal never ages.

9207306The late Phil Lynott, of Thin Lizzy, lives on again with the release of Still Dangerous Live At The Tower Theatre Philadelphia 1977. 32 years later, this concert is still being enjoyed and revered by Metal, Hard Rock and Rock fans and any fan of great Classic Rock. It is obvious to me, that when VH1 Classic Records releases this genre of music now, it tells the world that Heavy Metal never ages. The vocals, song writing and bass playing of the late Phil Lynott will be handed down for generations through CD releases like this. Thin Lizzy, to me, represents the sound of 1970’s Heavy Metal, when this genre was just beginning to evolve and blossom into what it is today. The live music on Still Dangerous is such an essential listen for both young and veteran Metal, Hard Rock and Classic Rock fans around the globe.

Jailbreak, Cowboy Song, Soldier Of Fortune and Boys Are Back In Town never sounded better, plus these songs are captured in all of their heavy, live brilliance from 1977. While I listen to Dancing In The Moonlight, live, it proves to me, that a heavy band can become legendary by not playing heavy constantly. It is a must deserved tribute to a legendary band – Thin Lizzy. To have this live music from Thin Lizzy released in 2009, is an important listening lesson and moment to revisit – in Rock Music history.

Thin Lizzy on “Still Dangerous”: Phil Lynott – lead vocals and bass, Brian Robertson – guitar, Scott Gorham – guitar and Brian Downey on drums.

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