Due to some cool and Metal thought provoking – recent discussions and comments found on Metal Odyssey, (which I whole heartedly appreciate), I have decided to showcase a guitarist and lead vocalist that I really think the Metal world of. Yngwie J. Malmsteen and Joe Lynn Turner both joined Metal forces on the 1988 studio album – Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising ForceOdyssey. Yes, I bought the CD Odyssey right around it’s release date of March 28, 1988, with no Metal regrets. Here is the music video for Heaven Tonight… my favorite song from Odyssey. In my Metal opinion, this song resonates the power of 1980’s Heavy Metal, with the classic guitar brilliance of Yngwie J. Malmsteen and the combination of Joe Lynn Turner’s harmoniously heavy vocals, this was as potent a Heavy Metal combination as any from the late 1980’s. I hope you enjoy this song and video as much as I always have! Metal truth be told… this song psyches me out.

Not every Heavy Metal Band, album or song is going to make the same personal impact on everyone. Yeah, I have read the professionally paid Rock critics reviews over the years regarding the album Odyssey. If I was to listen to what every professionally paid Rock critic says or thinks over the decades… I would then have an album collection numbering around – twelve. Music is a form of self expression, a world of escape. Music is like food… not everyone likes sardines on their pizza. I like to escape to the Heavy Metal Music that moves me, just like… Heaven Tonight and the album Odyssey.


I’m sorry to admit, that after this video was available for “sharing” it unfortunately was “pulled” from being an available video to share. Regardless, this is a fantastic video of Yngwie J. Malmsteen and Joe Lynn Turner together.





  1. Thank you for the link to the video. I have to stand by my comments from an earlier post…I don’t hear the raw vocals of Jeff Scott Soto and Mark Boals that made Yngwie great ..For me the Joe Lynn Turner “Odyssey ” album is too polished and commercial. It almosts sounds like I’m listening to Styx…

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Hey… I hold Styx in the highest regard. Um, except “Mr. Roboto”… Styx was one of my “stepping stone” bands to Heavy Metal. “The Grand Illusion”, “Paradise Theater” and “Cornerstone” are legendary. Those Styx albums and many more non-mentioned are a study in Rock meets Hard Rock 101. FM radio would not have existed back in the day, if not for Styx. (Cheap Trick, Foreigner and Lynyrd Skynyrd too, to name a few). Styx wrote the book on quality song structure and lyrics.

      Gee Metal whiz.

  2. Personally I am down with the Jeff Scott Soto: Vocals and the “Marching Out” LP does it for me. Although it’s quality, JLT on vox just feels a little too much like an over-produced Cali-pop metal.

    With all of the Yngwie chit-chat lately…I thought you guys might like to peep this post from Pat over @ POWERLINE:


    *Pat is another Metal Warrior (in it for the long haul).

    BTW what is it with all of you METAL bloggers and the “Black Letterhead” Theme by one Ulysses Ronquillo? 😉

    Rock on!

    King Curtis
    Demolish Central

    • metalodyssey Says:

      I never listened to Ulysses Ronquillo before. Is he a solo guitarist? That “Black Letterhead Theme” sounds like something cool to listen to… what record label?

      Just kidding. It’s really the only “Metal” looking stuff I get to use for free. It’s all personal preference of course… yet, “black” has always been synonymous with Metal for me.

      Am I the only Metalhead in the world who really gets a kick out of the Joe Lynn Turner/Malmsteen combo? Can’t be. I really need to have another fellow Metalhead or more to rally around this Odyssey album. Gee Metal whiz.

  3. ha ha! you had me there for a sec…..I was like: “this metalhead doesn’t even know his own template”…just kidding.

    When I first read your sentence, it started to sound like a long lost cousin of Uli Jon Roth or something…

    yo, stick to your “metal guns” and maybe some long lost JLT/Yngwie combo fan might trip over the “Bring Back Glam” Blog and fall into the “Metal Odyssey Trap”…

    Since we are talking about Danish metal, I thought I would turn you onto this (updated) post:


    So a hop, skip and a jump on over to the great country of SWEDEN. I thought of you when I was listening to their latest vid’s on You Tube. Janne (guitar) was an old Metal Pen Pal of mine when they (OVERDRIVE) were in their “prime”.

    I like the simple, but effective melodic metal songs and the twin guitar attack. I am not saying that are any virtuosos’ (ala’ Yngwie) but they do have some skills….and to still be alive & kickin’ 23 years later is no “walk in the park”.


    King Curt
    Demolish HQ

  4. metalodyssey Says:

    Thanks for the link Curt. For some odd reason or another, this “Odyssey” album really brought out the “artist” in me back when I was in college. You see, I took many drawing, painting and graphic arts classes… so this album just helped me get some very cool grades. Vinnie Moore “Minds Eye” too… I just can’t figure it out, these two albums brought out my creative side.

    Uh oh… I think maybe this comment steered towards being semi-sappy. Crap.

  5. so was that maybe he “metal” inspiration for the name of your blog then?

    Art classes were/are cool. Funny, I used to draw all of the time and at one point I thought I wanted to “be” an artist!

    Then I started playing baseball (pitcher) and then art took a backseat for a while, then I threw my arm out and basically (after 12 years of throwing curve balls at an early age) could not pitch any more.

    Enter: Metal obsession (but cranked to “11”) and this is the start of the long hair-growing, drums and DEMOLISH Metal Mag. ;).

    “Mind’s Eye” is still one of the best releases from Mike Varney’s Shrapnel Records. Did you know what his next release was called?:
    “Time Odyssey”! Another Metal coincidence….well, Mr. Varney helped “discover” YNGWIE and wrote an article about him and then shortly after someone brought him here and introduced him to Ron KEEL and they formed STEELER (which was probably Shrapnel’s best seller)…interesting how everything in Metal is interconnected.

    some peeps always said he was an YNGWIE clone, but certainly that is not the case and the clueless masses always have to make comparisons (esp. pro rock journalists who cannot play any instruments). Vinnie had his own style within the “neo-classical style”.

    Although I loved some of those “shredder” LP’s from the 80’s, I will be the first to admit my angle was from listening to the killer double-bass drummers on those releases. They provided mucho inspiration for me.

    I am not so sure about the U.F.O. connection in the last few years though?! But I did enjoy his playing on the debut VICIOUS RUMORS album “Soldiers in the Night” back in 85/86′.

    So I suspect you may have some “metal artwork” sitting around collecting dust? Did you see my ARTWORK section? Send me some scans if you have anything you would like featured.


    *let me know your thoughts on that OVERDRIVE video on the site.

    Another useless “Metal Moment” in history that probably all of 10 peeps like to hear about!

    Curt “shredder” King
    Demolish Lair

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Curt… that is some funny, yet cool synchronicity going on there with my “Odyssey” in Metal Odyssey. Your pointing those two album titles out like that makes me really wonder about the “subconscious” state of the brain – that no one can explain. Man. Unreal.

      I left my blab about the Overdrive video on your site/post. Uh, huh… now I have to go out and buy the new Overdrive… thanks to Demolish. METAL RULES. (I had to write that… it felt good).

  6. I love the Odyssey album and saw that tour with Lita Ford opening up. She sucked…terribly..but her titty did come out of ehr corset for a little while, so I guess that made it worth it.

    YJM is my favorite guitarplayer of all time. Seen him 7(?) times since 1985.

    I got to spend the afternoon with him about 4 years ago and he was extremely nice. Even let me hold and play his vintage strats during soundcheck.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Finally, someone else feels the same way as I do about “Odyssey”! Yngwie IS an incredible musician… your being able to meet him and play his guitars during a soundcheck is unreal great, I could only imagine.

      Yngwie is so unique… his playing speaks a language all it’s own.

  7. his recent stuff hasn’t been so great. i guess it was more because of the singers he’s had recently. ripper owens was a terrible fit for him. that last great YJM album was Alchemy. mark boals is great on there and the songs are quality.

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