Grim Reaper – See You In Hell. This album was released in 1984, (on RCA Records). I was a senior in high school and in dire need of some Metal “pick-me-up” on a daily basis… Grim Reaper delivered with this album and song. Metal truth be told, See You In Hell was my very own anthem, that I would sing under my breath to my antagonists, back in those days. See You In Hell is still a very inspirational song for me today… and why not? It’s more polite to sing these lyrics under my breath at those who irritate me, than to say f**k off to them. I am a considerate Metalhead after all. Looking back on this debut album – See You In Hell from Grim Reaper, it just screams Old School Heavy Metal from every dark corner. Raw. Very raw. Grim Reaper later polished their Metal up a bit with their next two albums: Fear No Evil (1985) and Rock You To Hell (1987). Nonetheless, this debut album from Grim Reaper remains my favorite out of their three studio albums. I can remember catching this video for See You In Hell on MTV’s Headbangers Ball, it was absolutely a favorite Heavy Metal Music video of mine, back in the ’80’s… it still is.

At the end of the Metal day, See You In Hell is an album I look upon with the fondest of Metal memories. This wasn’t a superstar Heavy Metal band, instead this was a blue collar Metal band that brought the heavy goods to an eighteen year old who needed it most back in 1984. Grim Reaper was not built on selling their looks and style for GQ magazine… they were built on Metal. I understand lineup changes occur over the years, still, I sincerely hope for Steve Grimmett and Grim Reaper to maybe consider a strengthening of their Metal reformation – into a new album of headbanging songs… that would make my middle-aged Metal day.

The See You In Hell video below just explodes everything Old School Heavy Metal. From the overall production to the Metal of Grim Reaper… this was back in the day when the song and Metal mattered the most and not the smoke and mirrors of a visual experience.

To learn all you want about the career of Steve Grimmett, (lead vocalist of Grim Reaper, Onslaught, Lionsheart and The Steve Grimmett Band, click on his MySpace Music Page link here: Steve Grimmett/Grim Reaper/Solo Artist – MySpace Music Page

Here is a cool Grim Reaper – Tribute Site to check out: GRIM REAPER – Tribute Site

Grim Reaper, as they appeared on See You In Hell:

Steve Grimmett on vocals

Nick Bowcott on guitar

Dave Wanklin on bass

Lee Harris on drums

Track listing for See You In Hell:

See You in Hell

Dead on Arrival


Wrath of the Ripper

Now or Never

Run for Your Life

The Show Must Go On

All Hell Let Loose




  1. I love Steve Grimmett. You ought to check out his latest project Grimmstine. Very cool stuff. His vocals are a little more toned down, but still very good.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      You bet I will! Rob, it is great to catch up on what Steve Grimmett has been up to over the years! Gimmstine will be in my Metal clutches… that’s for certain.

  2. I bet you wore Grim Reaper T-shirts in High School!

    • metalodyssey Says:

      The Metal truth is… nope. I could never land one back then… “Wasteland”, (the cool store) back in my old home town, never carried Grim Reaper stuff. Plus, I never saw Grim Reaper live back then either. What the heck… that’s Metal life.

      Just look at how easy it is today to buy a Metal t-shirt! They are EVERYWHERE in 2010! Everywhere. Crap, back in the ’80’s, there was NO internet as we now know it and Heavy Metal was on the chopping block by the Gore’s and their PMRC followers. My, has the Metal mood changed in our culture.

      I kinda went semi-off a tad… it felt so darn good too.

  3. I love Grim Reaper as well. I had the little clear flexi-45 that came in some magazine back in the day. In the late 80s when I had my online record store, I was selling the Grim Reaper 2on1 CD on ebay for anywhere from $35-$100. It had come out but no one knew where to find it. I was buying them at retail price of $16 each by the case and was making a small fortune. It paid my rent for a few months! haha

    I have a bunch of Grim Reaper demos that I need to post. I’ll do that soon.

    Steve sounded great on Onslaught’s In Search of Sanity as well. Didn’t really care for anything else he did except for that super bowl commercial a few years ago. haha

  4. I liked Grim Reaper a lot. Still need to get them on CD at some point because I only have thme on vinyl right now.
    I interviewed Grimmett and his solo band a few years ago.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Your not alone… I only have the vinyl too. Still, I think it’s really cool to hold those Grim Reaper album jackets… the artwork seems to come alive more than little CD liner notes. Plus, as long as the vinyl still plays… were in!

      Thanks for your blog/post link with your Steve Grimmett interview – it’s Metal appreciated.

  5. I love the covers too. See you in hell is probably my favorite. Even the background is fantastic.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      You bet the background is fantastic… this artwork seriously accommodates the Metal Music of Grim Reaper… it’s the total Metal package. That is what’s missing with today’s mp3 “mindset”… I still need to look at an albums artwork for the reflection of the bands music or ideals. Nerdy for some… but not us Metalheads!

  6. get the grim reaper 2on1 at a good price and free shipping.

    i’ve bought from these folks dozens of times, very reliable.

  7. When it comes to Grim Reaper, if I listen to 1, I have to listen to all 3. On my iPod, RIGHT NOW, I have “See You in Hell”, “Fear No Evil”, and “Rock You to Hell”. They never get old… I just LOVE ‘EM! Like you guys, mine are also on vinyl. I can’t state enough how much I dig my ION turntable. I record my vinyl to my PC, edit the tracks, and convert them into MP3’s. It is a must own item. Grim Reaper should have been, at least, Judas Priest popular. They never got they’re due. \m/

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Enjoying Metal “the old fashioned way” is many times… the best way. We are caught up in a technology driven – “must have it this micro second” world. Us , (ahem), older Metalheads know about patience. We didn’t have itunes to buy from on a Sunday night during a blizzard, like we do now. We bought the vinyl, brought it home, opened it, put it on the turntable platter/platen… then played it.

      I will sometimes, “spoil” myself by purchasing from itunes in the “wee” hours of the night… just to shake my head in amazement as to how easy it is in 2010. Metal kudos to you for recording from vinyl still. My daughters, (10 year old twins), know the history and “science” behind spinning vinyl, they too at this age are appreciative of it’s richness in sound and importance to Rock History. They get a big thrill out of the album jackets as well… compared to tiny CD liner notes or no liner notes at all from buying MP3’s.

      Grim Reaper will always share ipod and album shelf space with the best of them. That’s the true measurement of a Metal band, plus they are technically not gone and by far NOT forgotten!

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