MANOWAR. THE KINGS OF METAL. I have always stated… I won’t argue with them on that. I’m cool with it. I have always pumped my fists into the air to Manowar Metal. Manowar is a core Metal Band for me. Warriors Of The World United is an absolute tremendous Metal anthem – defending the freedom we all cherish. Freedom I shall never, ever, take for granted. Manowar is an American Metal Band that I shall never take for granted. There are those Metal Bands and the songs they write, that stand for what I believe in… Manowar and Warriors Of The World United exemplifies this. Warriors Of The World United resonates the spirit and pride of being free, wherever you may live, especially in this undisputed great country of The United States of America. I cannot control the feeling of getting psyched out, each and every time I listen to this song. Hopefully, you may like this song and video as much as I do. I am proud to be an American, a Metalhead and a fan of Manowar. Long live MANOWAR!

* For all the latest Metal news and happenings with MANOWAR, check out their official website by clicking this link: MANOWAR – Official Website

* Manowar released the album Warriors Of The World, on Nuclear Blast Records, June 4, 2002.

MANOWAR as they appeared on the album Warriors Of The World:

Eric Adams – lead vocals

Karl Logan – guitar and keyboards

Joey DeMaio – bass guitar

Scott Columbus – drums


  1. A lot of people had to die to be able to life in a country in freedom. In the USA case many natives had to die to make the USA what it is today. Thanks to that, American Soldiers could die for Europe back during the second world war.
    Still i think that MANOWAR cares more about Europe then USA. We have been loyal to the band during the bad 90s when many fans of the USA talked shit about them. MANOWAR admited this many times during the 90s in intervius. Thats why we get the best MANOWAR concerts at big European festivals.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      You’ve made some fine Metal points. Any U.S. fans who talk crap about Manowar are not true fans at all. (That goes for any fan who talks smack about a band, they obviously are not a fan of that band). There is “constructive Metal criticism” that can be stated from fans tastefully, however, there is that “fine line” that gets crossed too often. Manowar knows where their loyalty lies, if not for the European fans and market, Manowar would not be the Metal powerhouse they’ve become. A Metal kudos goes out to Europe’s fan base and Power Metal bands for elevating Power Metal to where it is today… Manowar included with the kudos.

      When I think of the “biggest” and “widely accepted” Power Metal band to resonate in the U.S. over the decades, DIO comes to my mind. Otherwise, Power Metal has it’s blue collar roots and fan base in the States, only without numerous, (or any), Power Metal festivals. Small clubs are the “reality” venues.

      Hopefully, Manowar realizes that there is and always will be a loyal fan base in the U.S., regardless of it’s “underground” foundation it stands on. It is a Metal shame, that a band that hails from New York State such as Manowar, has such little mainstream media appreciation for their Metal accomplishments. True U.S. Metal fans know though. My Metal mindset, from living in the U.S. my whole life, is that many of the best Metal bands are the ones with the underground following anyways… Manowar included.

      Call it a “social phenomenon” or what you will… the promotional void of Manowar in the U.S. can never be solved by my Metal reasoning. All I know is that they have a consistent and loyal fan with me and (I would confidently guess) hordes of others in their home base of the U.S., that will never change. HAIL MANOWAR!

      Thanks for the comment and visit –


      • Thanks for your great reply. Of course, their are also die hard MANOWAR fans in the USA, also during the 90s (we only have to look at RETURN OF THE WARLORD video clip to see those fans) but i am happy you understood my point.
        HAIL TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        An other totaly underrated US band is VIRGIN STEELE. Some of their songs remind of MANOWAR like you know. A cool band too. GOTHIC KNIGHT, PREMONITION, OCTOBER 31 and TWISTED TOWER DIRE are cool US bands too fighting the battle against false metal.

  2. Sorry about my shitty way i write in english, i speak the language better, believe me.
    Ohh, love this blog. You talk about many of my fave heavy metal bands.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      No problem with your writing at all… I only communicate in one language myself. Thanks for the compliment and visits… it is Metal appreciated!

      In Metal – Stone

  3. MANOWAR!!! There was an ad in a magazine back in 1987 that had 4 album covers on it. Testaments “The Legacy”, Overkill “Taking Over”, Malice “Licensed to Kill”, and Manowar’s “Fighting The World”. I immediately went out and purchased “Fighting The World”, as well as the other 3 albums. I WAS DISAPOINTED IN NONE OF THEM. What a great year for Thrash & Heavy Metal. I was 17, had a job, and living at home. Money was for gas in my car, Cherry Cokes, and buying Albums (Vinyl albums… I really miss them). Tracks like “Carry On”, “Defender”, and the epic “Blackwind, Fire, & Steel” just floored me. I have been a first day buyer of every Manowar album since. Some are better than others, but none of them lack in power and might. They are METAL for METAL. This album in particular is an interesting one. You have these amazing, ferocious tracks like “Call to Arms”, “House of Death”, and “Fight Until We Die”. In juxtaposition you have “An American Trilogy”, and one of the most beautiful opera pieces ever written…”Nessum Dorma”. The first time I heard Luciano Pavarotti sing this piece, tears welled up in my eyes. I understood not a word, and was moved on an almost religious level. It must be the song itself, for when Eric Adams performs this piece, it is a nearly identical experience for me. I believe this is the album (along with the epic “Achilles, Agony and Ecstasy in Eight Parts” from the “Triumph of Steel” release) that gave Manowar the confidence (as if the need anymore) to go forth and make a grandiose, symphony laden album like “Gods of War”. For my money, there is not a better single example of a band that is uncompromising in its allegiance to METAL than Manowar! DEATH TO FALSE METAL!!!

  4. The hunter Says:

    Man,Manowar rules !

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