JIMI HENDRIX – what else can I actually say that has never been said about this uniquely elite, guitar legend? One of the originators of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal guitar, the greatest or one of the greatest guitarists in Rock history… still, is that enough praise? Nope. I don’t think I could come up with the correct praise for Jimi Hendrix, really. All I can do is listen to the songs, the albums that Jimi Hendrix has his signature on and be glad I did. In my wildest of Metal dreams, a brand new Jimi Hendrix – 12 song, studio album is actually going to be released on March 9th, 2010 – Valleys Of Neptune. Less than a week away. Wow. Metal miracles do happen. From reading the advertising that is promoting this new Jimi Hendrix album, there is over 60 minutes of unheard music on Valleys Of Neptune!!

As with any true legend, they live on decades after their passing. Jimi Hendrix has always lived on through his guitar brilliance, song writing, vocals and pure Rock and Roll majesty… now Jim Hendrix lives on even louder come March 9th, 2010. It’s inevitable, another generation of Jimi Hendrix fans shall be recruited in 2010.

Rock, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal as I know it in 2010, would not be the same, if Jimi Hendrix did not play guitar so many years ago.

God Bless Jimi Hendrix, his music has and always will live on for me.


* Released through Experience Hendrix and Legacy Recordings


  1. yes, I think Hendrix is the greatest guitar player AND song writer (something that peeps forget about way too often for me) EVER!

    Rumor has it that Jimi recorded so much material and rehearsals that we will probably have at least another 5-10 releases in our lifetime (if not more)…it just depends on how much the “estate” owners need the $$ and or making sure they space it out enough to create demand.

    I think all of this posthumous product is both a blessing and disguise. I love hearing it and if it’s well-produced and seems “semi-finished” -and not just a jam session, then I am somewhat OK with it.

    *But if/when they market jam sessions and rehearsals as real “finished” product then I hate that and I am sure Jimi would turn over in his grave if he knew they were doing that.

    Now that the HENDRIX “family” has control of his estate, I do think they have much better QC than the other slime-bags who just ca$hed-in over the years without control or supervision.

    I am glad for all of the video and DVD product, some of that is excellent.

    Sadly, IMO quality video is what is lacking for JIMI. He has tons of great examples of how GREAT he was in audio format, but video, well, the only thing qualifies as “truly” great is LIVE at Monterrey. And boy that is top notch material!


    Other than that, there are a few choice moments at Woodstock, but mostly he was irritated at his band and their lackluster performance. Isle of Wight….average. Band of Gypsys: Live at the Fillmore East is average as well.

    There are some good boots out there and some decent unauthorized DVD material with some one-off video footage, but NO quintessential concert and or video footage that even hints at his greatness (other than at Monterrey)….

    *I heard the first “single” for the latest release and I was not impressed. It’s OK and sounds like an above-average rehearsal that was never fully realized and or finished by Jimi.

    The art + video for the cut is decent. Maybe there will be more hidden gems…I hope.

    ***I think if I could only pick one band and or artist to listen too if I had to go outer space or something, or the (in)famous “Desert Island Discs” club etc. then I would certainly not hesitate and pick JIMI HENDRIX all the way!

    I would just take all of his releases because IMO he pretty did everything that I like to hear and BETTER than just about every guitarist on the planet (or in the ground for that matter) to this day!!!

    Rock on!


    • metalodyssey Says:

      All very fine Metal points, Curt.

      I bought the new Jimi Hendrix CD single already… “Valleys Of Neptune” is a very decent song for me. Sure, the production may have been lacking for the fact Jimi left us too soon, you are correct, Jimi was not around to see it through. I can’t argue with what this song may lack. Still, when you listen to this song, it is better than half the stuff that is over polished and thrown at us today! It’s “Hendrix Underground”!! Maybe this song will grow on you? For me, just hearing Jimi Hendrix “sing and play again” is Metal goose bump stuff!

      The second song on this new CD single is an instrumental… and Jimi JAMS! Really, the riffs are so legendary, my God, this instrumental was recorded in 1968!! I have a “funny” Metal feeling you will like this instrumental… if you have not already heard it? It’s called: Peace In Mississippi and it’s 7:02 long… I wish it was longer!

      I don’t know… just call us Jimi Hendrix fans, huh?

      You know what’s really amazing… Revolver Magazine, which I really “tout” here on Metal Odyssey… NEVER MENTIONED THIS JIMI HENDRIX ALBUM COMING OUT!! If they did, then it was “microscopic” type that was printed on a “mail-in-card” in the middle of their mag that fell out onto the floor.

      You would think that a “popular” Metal Magazine like Revolver would tend to their “Metal Roots” a bit better!!!

      Thanks again Curt!

      Stone “Hendrix Fan”

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